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A Frosty Morning

7 Jan

I woke to a cold bright morning.

I see goat hoof prints; they must have gone out on the hill while I was at work.

We had quite a bit of frost.

It really made for beautiful scenery.

I can tell where the neighbors feed their cattle.

But I’m not sure if we had snow flurries or if it was just frost billowing down from the trees and roofs.

Pluto and Dolly

frosty hay, but there’s also snow/frost on her back

I almost think it had to be flurries even though we had bright sun.

It was so sparkly that it looked like someone threw glitter.


How on earth can I not decide?  I mean, I should be able to tell the difference between drifting frost or snow.  But I can’t.

Uninvited Guests

3 Jan

One of those nice days over winter break, I saw a steer walking down my road.  Now I don’t have cows, so I was immediately just relieved it wasn’t one of my animals.  Then I called my nephew because he knows everyone.  So he began texting to try and find the owner.

They were not cooperative.

Turns out, it was just one of several newly weaned calves who managed to bust out of their pen.

Who can blame them?  It was a nice day, and I’m guessing they weren’t too happy with being weaned.

Eventually, the owners managed to get them out of my field (I did take the Ranger and helped a little).  I hope they made it all the way back home.

Holiday Cheer

1 Dec

As difficult as this fall has been, I decided I needed some holiday cheer.  It ended up with me deep cleaning the closet upstairs (which was a good thing for a stroll down memory lane).

Then I did a little decorating.  I wanted to use my schefflera as a Christmas tree.

Schefflera (with Bob sleeping under it)

I decided it wasn’t going to work for lights, but I did find some light snowflake ornaments that I could put on it.

I also decorated my little tree.

I added the ornament my mom and sister made.

MJ ornament

It’s my MJ.

MJ (from 2013)–I love that nose.

MJ was not unknown to wear a Santa hat

The cats were tortured.

Santa Salem

Just a little.

Herbie wiggled too much to get a decent picture.

I like how things turned out.

I am really looking forward to this holiday season.