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Red-Tailed Hawks

3 Dec

When I was walking in the pasture Sunday, my attention was captured by the call of a hawk.  It didn’t take me long to spot the red-tailed hawk in the tree.


It took off, which is not surprising because they are notorious for not letting people get close (and it really  made me miss my camera).


I watched it sail through the sky, expecting it to take off out of sight.

hawk flying collage

Instead, it circled back and joined its friend sitting on the light pole.

hawk on pole

They were both on poles for a minute, and then one took off, calling to the other.


The second one sat on the pole for a minute.


Then it took off too.


They both met in the tree.  Finally, they took off one at a time.


It was really such a treat to see them circling the Back Forty and not seeming to mind my presence back there.  Of course, I had to look up the messages of hawks.  Considering the way I feel about my Back Forty, I’d say this was pretty amazing.

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