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Out to Pasture

15 Jan

The goats have been doing a whole lot of standing around and doing nothing.  This weekend, we are once again well above our historic average temperatures.  So this morning when I saw them staring, I knew what was up.

Staring at the barn door while everyone gathers

They soon headed out to pasture. It was an energetic group–young, old, and in between were all ready to get out of the barnyard.

Onyx and Sidney

Maisie and Daisy

Flora and Heidi

The llamas have been going out to pasture most days because it’s easier to hike through snow than share hay with goats.

Maybeline and Odie head off on their own

But look who else decided to join the herd.

Ms. Goose (she didn’t go far, but she did get out there a little ways)

Once they made it out of the barnyard and everyone was gathered together again, they headed down the hill.

They headed back up the hill when they saw me, but they went back out when I came in the house.

Hopefully, they wear off some of that energy that they’ve been using to fight and be naughty.


9 Jan

Now that we’re deep in winter and the goats are all getting room service, I probably won’t be able to take another picture of a critter not munching on hay.


I put it out there in a lot of different places to make sure everyone has a pile to eat from.

On both sides of the barn and by the garage–lots of piles

I don’t want the old ones or young ones to have a hard time eating.

I’m not sure what’s going on here because goats are not known for sharing food.

Zora, Daisy, Casey, and Cutie sharing a pile

The llamas like their hay too.



Even Ms. Goose likes to nibble on the hay.

Well, at least they’re cute with full mouths.


Because we still have about two months before they go back out to pasture.

Another Friday Photodump

6 Jan

Well, I went back to work on Jan. 3rd, so it makes it hard to do those more timely blog posts like I did over break (for the most part).  So you get another photo dump from the extra photos I took just before I went back to work.

Herbie is such a love bug!

Tansy, Cupid and Ostara

my Easter egg hen–all the birds are happier with the warmer weather

And this is why I will continue to leave that shelf empty.



Yes, all of his feet come off the ground when he’s running.


Mr. Peacock’s tail is really growing out now.

Way to go Sky! Someone finally has that naughty Salem kitty under control.

Victoria is still getting extra feed every day.

Dolly isn’t sure how come she isn’t the only spoiled one now.

Odie enjoying the salt/mineral block

Ms. Goose

Here’s to a good weekend!