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He’s Back to Being Bad

16 Oct

Mr. Gander is feeling much better.  He’s so much better that he’s back to harassing attacking goats.

There’s also a new game in the barnyard.

Cinnamon and Ava made it safely through.

The geese stand in front of the milk room door.

Joy coming over the posts

They make the goats do a mad dash to make it in to get milked without getting attacked.  Remind me why I took those two ganders in.

In other milking news, I decided I wasn’t a fan of the game where I had to chase Aphrodite and drag her across the barnyard to milk her.


We’ll deal with training her next summer.  Maybe.

Wings and Chicks

7 Oct

The gander who hurt his wing is improving.  You can still see it hangs part of the time.

his right wing still isn’t perfect

But he is much better at holding it normally and just acting better.

He has his head in the bucket

He’s even running through the barnyard with the others now.

He is the far left goose

The chickens are wondering why I’m not bringing them fresh veggies like I had been.

Sorry girls.  The garden is done.

At least the new girls are blending in now.

Nugget and one of the young hens

Nugget has quit being naughty to them (mostly; luckily it was just naughty and not really mean).

A Bum Wing

28 Sep

A couple days ago, I noticed one of the ganders has a bum wing.  I don’t think it’s anything too serious; he should be fine.

I’m hoping it’s because Joani actually defended herself when she got attacked.

Joani says horns are for self-defense.

I’m hoping he’ll have learned his lesson.

He’s not quite up to running around with the rest of the flock.

I’m not holding my breath, but I hope he learned his lesson.