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7 Sep

This is my view every time I walk in where the birds are.

We want tomatoes!

They are demanding garden leftovers.

Gender Guessing

24 Aug

Well, the goslings are getting big enough that I feel like I should be able to tell if they are girls or boys.  Here’s my best guess.

Widow Goose, gander, ?, goose

I just am not sure on one of the younger ones.  It depends on the angle.  I’m going to have to go with the long legs and guess gander.  But I’m just not sure.

That means two girls and two boys or maybe even three girls and only one gander.

“Did you bring me a treat?” -young goose

We’ll find out if I’m right or not by next spring.

“Hey, I’m talking to you! Where’s my treat?”

At least I’m pretty sure we didn’t end up with three ganders!

Zucchini Season

22 Jul

Zucchini season has really begun now.  I think I’ve had zucchini in some form or another for the last week.

I took yesterday’s picking to my family’s get-together and pawned some off.  My sister forgot to take hers, so that still left me with quite a few.  My ex-brother-in-law’s father said he’d only be interested if it was bread, so…

I am also making the birds happy with the peels and leftover grated zucchini.

Widow goose wasn’t really eating it, but the littles thought it was tasty.  She was just making sure the chickens left them alone.

Nugget called all the hens to eat.

Mama Phoenix does a great job of eating grated zucchini.

She looks so good anymore.  Her color has really improved.

I think she’s getting spoiled between the zucchini and bites of strawberry and worms.