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My Worst Bovine Pictures Ever

5 Dec

There’s two stories here today.  First, I really miss my camera.  The D40 doesn’t have the capabilities to take pictures in low light the way my D3100 does.  Also, the autofocus doesn’t work with the lens I’m using.  My eyes are bad, it’s dark, and I’m using manual focus.  That leads to the worst bovine pictures ever.

black heifer

I would remove the burrs from her face if she’d let me touch her.

We had a cold front come through and we went from 40*F in the morning to 20*F when I got home to do chores.  MJ had come in from the pasture and was enjoying the lack of wind.  That’s thanks to the tarp I hung over the north wall/door.

giant steer in barn

Maxine and Norma Jean, however, did not seem to think it was fair.

cow and heifer behind fence

Maxine was positively bellowing to be let into the barn.  Don’t get me wrong, she has a nice cattle shed that they can go into.  It even has the nice deep bedding for MJ’s old bones.

cow behind fence

MJ must have been talking across the fence about how I give him a nice bowl of corn and deliver hay to him, so he doesn’t have to leave the barn or walk in order to get his tummy full.

cow eating corn

It takes two hands to hold the camera and adjust the focus and one to feed corn. I ran out of hands, so it’s a lovely shot of the night sky.

I did break down and bring an ear of corn for each of them.  Norma Jean wouldn’t take it though, so Maxine got both.

fuzzy cow face

I’m pretty sure this was not how I planned the cattle arrangement for this winter.

As a bonus, either the camera or lens is cleaned and the other has arrived in Texas.  They should be back home by the end of next week.  I’m sure we’ll all be happy for that joyous occasion!

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