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18 Sep

Lily’s black streak seem to be spreading some more.



I wonder how much more it’s going to spread.  I still am just in amazement over all the different things the lack of copper causes.


After Three Months

21 Aug

One of the weird things about the copper deficiency is that the goats lose their color.  Seriously.  It happened so gradually, I never even noticed.  Or when I did see Haley had a big light patch on her side, I was just confused.  Lily gives a good example of this color loss.  It is really noticable around the eyes.

Lily Osboer–January 2012

As the color fades, it becomes like a silvery patch around the eyes.


Lily–April 2017

She had copper given to her in May of this year, and here’s how she looks now.

Lily–August 2018

It’s unbelieveable.

In Pasture

8 Aug

We’ve been horribly dry for quite a while again.  Once the rain stopped drowning us, it just quit.  I’ve had to water my “garden” and the ground is cracked.  We’ve had only had a few sprinkles since the hay was made.

Myson on the rock watching his herd

The grass was turning brown.

I’m glad we got the hay made.  After my bales were put in the barn, my nephew made the rest into round bales.  They work well for scratching against.


(Blaze in the back)

Orpheus wasn’t too sure about that huge thing at first.


The bales have since been moved from the pasture, but we still hadn’t had rain.

Finally, we managed to get about two tenths of an inch Sunday morning, and then we had more overnight into Monday.


It’s was still dry, but that was certainly a big help.  Then we had more rain.  Last night, we even had rain and sun at the same time when a tiny cell went over us.

Osiris and Zinnia in the door

Hopefully, it will really let the pastures grow again.