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A Beautiful Day for Basking

4 Mar

The goats were really enjoying the warm weather yesterday even if they didn’t want to go out to eat in pasture.


It was horribly windy (I think that’s why Cookie’s eyes are squinty, but I’ll check her again).


Vixen was sleeping quite soundly.  She’s getting old, and her age is showing.


Lily and Aurora were enjoying the sunshine from the doorway to avoid the wind.

Aurora and Lily

They really do get along well.





While the Weather is Good

26 Feb

Sunday was nice.  Monday and Tuesday are perfection for late February.  I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and let Lily and Aurora outside.


Lily was quick to go out.


Aurora followed a bit more cautiously.

I think they enjoyed it.

I hope she continues to improve and the weatehr stays warm enough for them to keep going out.


You’re Watching Me

23 Feb

I admit it.  I’m always checking on Aurora and watching to see if she’s eating.

Lily and Aurora

With her cranky personality, she’s not happy with that.  She would much prefer I just deliver her room service and then leave.  You’ll notice Lily doesn’t even lift her head to say thank you.

“You’re still watching me.”

Okay. Okay.  I’ll leave you two to eat your hay in peace.