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Time for Copper

21 Oct

I am giving all the goats another round of copper.  As bad as they were, I don’t think it will hurt to give it to them a month early.


I think the peanut butter and pill hidden in a peanut shell worked well, so that’s the plan again this time.

I really want to make sure the girls who are getting bred have copper for their babies because I don’t want to lose anymore babies.  I know most of my greedy goats will gobble down the peanuts.


Although, I know I’ll have a few that won’t cooperate.

This time, I’m prepared!  I have a pill pusher that is actually made to hold the capsule I’m using.  It doesn’t fall out, and the thing is spring loaded!

This made things so much easier!  I did manage to get all but 2 1/2 adults to take the copper in treats (LilyAnn spit half of hers out), and Zeus did too.


I’m really glad I didn’t have to push it down Margarita with the scar tissue in her throat.  She still sounds kind of like Wolfman Jack.


I had to use the pusher on the three March girls, but it was easy!


I am so glad it went well this time.  I’m definitely going to keep pushing the peanuts as treats.  We’re good for another six months.


My Plan Worked!

14 Oct

This is Part II of my continuing my posts on making spring break babies. Saturday morning, as soon as I got done milking, I started implementing my plan for making spring break kids.  I had set panels where I needed them the night before, and before everyone got up for the morning, I shut them in the barn.

Betty Lou

There was already a few goats up and out on my side of the barnyard, but most of them were my milking girls.  No worries.  I just grabbed my lutalyse and gave them a shot to bring them into heat.  I even managed to catch the three that weren’t my milking girls.  Since one of them was Vinnie, I was really shocked and happy!


I had to put Lily in the barn so I could let her out the other side, but that was easy peasy.


Then I just grabbed my drugs and syringe and started poking girls and putting them out into the barnyard.  As I caught the wethers and retired ones, I put them out of the barn on the other side of the barnyard.  I will say, I decided that once I caught Daisy, I wasn’t letting go, so I walked her all the way over to the buck pen where I planned on putting Xerxes with his girls.

Daisy Ann

It actually was easier than I thought it might be. I did change my mind on which buck a couple of the girls got put with, but overall, I’m happy to say it’s all good!


Along with Daisy, Xerxes got several Sam sisters.

Cutie, Astra, Ava, Xerxes, and Zinnia (Daisy in back)

It will be interesting to see if I can figure out how to milk Zinnia while she’s over there.  Tomorrow Part III.

Greedy Girls

28 Sep

I’ve been trying to let Dolly and Pistol in to eat in the evenings when I get done milking.  For some reason, Lily showed up the other day and announced that she wanted in also.  So I let them all three in.

Pistol, Lily, and Dolly

That’s three generations of greedy girls:  Lily and her daughter Dolly and her daughter Pistol.

The fourth generation, Clover, thought she should get to come in too, but I’d just finished milking her.  Besides, I’m not sure a fourth one would fit in there.