Roller Coaster Weather

We’re still on our roller coaster weather pattern.  We had beautiful weather last weekend when Pistol had her kids.  Luckily she had them before Tuesday’s winter storm that caused a snow day from work.

Snow Day_1026ews

It was beautiful.

Snow Day_1029ews

In the midst of our Groundhog Day snow day, I saw a robin!  What the heck!


It was so warm that most of our snow melted resulting in icicles hanging from the roof.


Yesterday, we had sunshine, but it was colder.


The snow on the top froze and made ice, but it was still warm underneath.

ice mud_1044ews

At least I didn’t sink up to my knees in mud.  The goats got to eat outside on a clean bed of snow.

icicle goats_1051ews

Now were supposed to warm up to the forties again this weekend, so we’ll be back to muddy, and then we get another blast of cold by next Tuesday.

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Mid-Winter Crazy

I swear, this last week has been nothing but a pattern of get up and go to work; come home to do chores; write a blog post and collapse on the couch.  Go to bed so I can repeat it.

dusk sky_0477ws

My chores are taking me a long time each evening, and I am exhausted by the time I get done.  I’m looking forward to a warmer weekend when I can hopefully get my hose thawed.  That will make things easier when I can quit carrying tons of buckets of water.  I’m rather mad at myself for not adequately draining it.


I also don’t know what to do with Helen.  Her arthritis will not get better (it’s CAE), but she does have better and worse days.

Doe goat_0454ews

With the warmer weather and meds and moving her to an area away from all the other goats (except for her twins and Xerxes) where she can eat all the food she wants, she’s doing better.

Doe and kids_0461ews

I did have a heat lamp in there for her, but she burned her fur off.  Really.  I do not like heat lamps to start with because they are so dangerous, and she won’t get one back after that.

burnt hair_0457ews

I have not seen her lying down.  I don’t know if she can get down and have strength in her back end to stand back up.  Tonight for the first time in ages, I saw her front knees down, but she saw me bringing hay and got up again.  I just don’t know what to do.

Doe goat_0464ews

I hate to make her suffer unnecessarily when I know she won’t have any long term improvement, but I don’t want to euthanize her before it needs to happen.  I made an appointment with the vet for next Monday, but I’m second-guessing that decision.  I just don’t know what to do with her.


I do hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  The items for this week are at the top of my sidebar.  Hope to see you!

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Successful Move

Yesterday, the sun was shining and it was warm.  Really.  I decided it was time to move Fionn and his girls.

sunny sky_0225ews

I prepared for the struggle, but the sun must have really been shining on me.

Sunny Sky_0253ews

I threw the food pans in the pen, and noticed Fionn watching.  I said, “Come on, Fionn.  You can check it out.”  While I was waiting for him, Joani came over.



Okay.  Come on in, Joani.  She didn’t even hesitate, and Fionn followed right behind her.



When I turned to see where everyone else was, I was surprised to see Bambi walking up.  I opened the gate a bit farther, and she just walked on in.



I did have to get grain, but Bonnie was right there, and nobody else tried rushing in or out.



I’ve never had such an easy time moving goats around.  Really!

I do hope you’ll come back and join me for Friday’s Hunt.  The items for this week are at the top of my sidebar.

I’m sharing with Good Fences and Skywatch Friday.

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