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Mother Nature is Teasing Us

9 Jun

We are really dry where I’m at.  Other places are flooding, and even my sister about an hour-and-a-half from me has had quite a bit of rain.  We’re a dust bowl.  My poor pumpkins need rain to sprout.

Sun over pumpkins_8694ews

We have had clouds and thunder teasing us.  It comes right to the edge of my farm.



Then it just goes away.  It might be beautiful, but I’d sure like to have some rain for my crops.


sky fence_8727ews

To make it worse, we’re hot.  It was 92*F (33.3*C) and hotter tomorrow with high humidity.



Please Mother Nature.  Llenny hasn’t been sheared, and I have girls to kid yet and the babies don’t like this heat.

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Planting Pumpkins

2 Jun

Yesterday we planted pumpkins.  That sounds like the whole story, but it’s never that easy.


I got back from my walk in the pasture and found a message from my nephew asking if it was dry enough to plant.  (This part of the story is my excuse for sharing this fence and meadowlark shot.)


Well, you can’t tell we had an inch of rain the day before, so it was quite dry.


The nephew came out after getting the planter from the same guy we borrowed from last year.  He had to do some work on it, but he eventually arrived.  Every time we tried testing it, the seeds were breaking.


We kept trying, and it did seem to get better, but we weren’t sure. We planted and then tried to find them in the ground.  We couldn’t .  We kept planting and playing and trying.  When we put the leftover seeds in the packets, we decided it really hadn’t planted anything.


Last night, he asked his dad, and they looked at it together this morning.  They eventually took it apart and found an acorn down in the workings.  That would explain a lot.


We planted again this morning, and we think it actually planted!  We think.


If not, we do have a plan B.  Sort of. The pumpkins that didn’t get sold last year are giving us a huge patch again.  We thought the spray we used on the field before planting corn would have prevented them from growing.  But it didn’t.

pumpkin junk_8141ews

Now we get to wait and hope the ones we planted do grow and try to figure out how to get rid of the ones up north.  And, yes, I did pick up the junk while I was there.  Except the six foot metal bar.  I had to call for help to get that picked up.

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Rainy Nights

26 May

We’ve been stuck in a rainy pattern lately.  It comes at night and we are hot and humid during the day.  Then more storms.


Tonight and tomorrow look to be the big soakers for me.  Luckily, I’ve avoided anything severe.

llama clouds_7447aws

The only bad thing is that the rain comes overnight, so I haven’t been able to catch Sam in the building and trim his hooves.  That was my plan.

Sam Goodberry

Sam Goodberry

It has really made that grass grow!  Soon it will be time to make hay.

grass collage

It’s starting to get hard to find the kids out in pasture.


The rye is also getting big.


The rows beside the rye are corn.  It’s coming up nicely.  You can tell we no-till farm because all that dead vegetation in between the rows are leftovers from last year’s harvest.  Leaving the plants in the ground and not tilling it helps to hold the soil in place.


Soon we’ll cut the rye and plant our pumpkins there.  I can’t believe we’re already planning for year two of the pumpkin patch.

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