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Some Sunday Randomness

1 Dec

I didn’t get around to doing my random Friday post this week, but this week’s scavenger hunt might allow a bit of randomness.  The topics are:  starts with S, texture, a blessing, warmth, and I went.

Starts with S:  I’m still doing soap stuff.  I’m done making it for Christmas sales, but I spent a bit of time this weekend making labels and packing my show boxes to prepare for this coming Friday’s holiday stroll.  If you’re into Cyber Monday shopping, here’s the link to my soap market.

Christmas bag of soap

S could also be for Snickers.  He’s been a pretty good model lately.



Texture:  I’m not sure this is really a great shot for texture, but I like it.  I had my mortar and pestle out to smash my campden tablet when we were making wine.  It’s also my only ever purchase from e-bay.

mortar and pestle

A Blessing:  There are so many blessings in my world that I couldn’t choose.  Of course, one thing that I always feel blessed for is living close to nature.  I’m not so sure nature always feels the same way.  At least this opossum was hissing at me while I was taking pictures.


I am also blessed that I have time to spend on my photography.  Even though my camera is off being cleaned, I keep practicing my full manual photography.  I’m not sure how much longer these flowers will last, so I’m really enjoying them now.


Warmth:  The sun has been shining despite our cold temperatures.  I was nearly blinded when I went out to my car the other morning.  We finally got some warmer temperatures to go with the sunshine today, so I’m very happy!

sun in car mirror

I’m also adding the bonus photo of the candle from more of my playing.

candle flame

I went…to my dad’s house for Thanksgiving.  It was really nice to spend time with family.  We always enjoy playing cards whenever we get together.  I’m also using this for Song-ography where the song is Celebrate Me Home by Kenny Loggins.  After all, this is the first my nephew Chris has been home in quite some time.

playing cards

How’s this for a completely random scavenger hunt?

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