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One of Those Days

22 Dec

Ever have one of those days where one thing leads to another.

blue jay after snow

blue jay in snow

For example, this morning I went out to take a picture of the snow while it was still so white and pretty.



Those pictures will have to wait for another post because this one is already too long.

blue jay collage

Wandering around led me to check on all the animals to make sure they were okay.

SOOC Quigley, Joe and Joani, Millie, and Marley

SOOC Quigley, Joe and Joani, Millie, and Marley

I was happy to find Stella in the greenhouse and even happier to see goats just on the other side of the fence.  Everyone looked warm and happy.

SOOC Stella and Muffin

SOOC Stella and Muffin

Then I realized I had to fill the bird feeders, which made me realize they would lose half the feed in the snow under the feeders, so I got the shovel.  Well, once I started, I shoveled the sidewalk, deck, patio, and paths to the dog’s water as well as under the bird feeders.

birds in snow

It also got me to thinking about my family coming for Christmas Eve and how hard it is to get in my front gate with the cattle panel instead of a gate. The dog is getting older, so maybe I could put the gate back on.  I got it from the garage (actually knew right where it was) and tried putting it back on, but there were stumps from scrub mulberry bushes, so I went to find my trimmers.  Couldn’t find them (note to self:  clean back porch over break) but I found the little limb saw.  I half cut, half beat the things until they were gone.  Once I got the gate on, I realized the delivery man must have hit the post when he knocked the gate off, and there’s no way I’ll ever be able to put a gate there until the fence post is replaced, so I just gave up.

birds on cattle panel


With the shoveling done, I actually got around to filling the feeders and putting out more suet.

birds at feeders

blue jay, junco, and downey woodpecker

blue jay, junco, and downey woodpecker

I forgot I hadn’t picked up a new bag of birdseed, so I had to steal some cracked corn from the chickens.  I’m sure the birds are fine with that.

sparrows at bird feeder

I made sue to clear the snow off the deck railing because you know those jays and starlings have to sit there while they’re thinking about raiding the dog food bowl.

blue jay starling collage

When I got inside, I realized I hadn’t even finished my first cup of coffee…  all because I wanted to take a picture of the pretty snow.

blue jay

But I made a lot of birds happy!

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