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Fire and Ice

12 Dec

When I got home from work yesterday, my beloved camera was home from its cleaning, and sitting outside in the negative temperatures.  I took it inside and by the time I did chores, it was too dark to even take a picture.  Tonight, before I started chores, I took it out to the barnyard.

winter sunset

It’s really sunset by the time I get home.

winter sunset

It’s hard to do anything.

winter sunset

I wanted to take pictures of the huge icicles on the edge of the barn, but they had melted away.  All that was left was a couple of thick chunks of ice on the fence.

ice on fence

There were some new long icicles though.

icicles on barn

Meg just wishes I’d put the camera up and feed her.  Guess that’s understandable in these cold temperatures.  Sadly, I lost one chicken in this early cold snap.

goat looking through fence

Hopefully, we’ll have some more normal temperatures.

All of these are SOOC.

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