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16 May

I know I’ve mentioned how dry we’ve been–moderate drought according to the weatherman.  I am happy to say that we’ve had some rain the last couple of days.  I wasn’t sure it was going to hit us on Saturday.  When I hit the video, it showed us barely getting a sprinkle.

I went out and watched the clouds, and they kept coming closer.

I hoped we’d get at least some rain.

I found the panorama button on my phone.

Finally, it rained!  It really rained!

I watched out one window.

Darn finger got int he way again.

The dog watched out another window.


I couldn’t even see which goat was in the door of the barn.

We really got some rain!

When it finished, I went out to see how much rain we got.  Some little goslings were happy with it.

Aurora didn’t look so happy with it.


I think we got about an inch of rain.

I am thrilled!

One Thing I Didn’t Miss

1 May

I had the herd divided in half for about a month.  I really prefer to have everyone together so it’s easier to see everyone and check on them and just hang out with them.

Pluto (I can’t believe how round he looks)

There is, however, one thing I did not miss while some of them were shut on the back side of the barnyard–Moose being away from my bird pen.

Moose in front of the chicken pen–the gate he constantly opens is chained.

It took all of about ten minutes before he was over there trying to open the door.  It’s not a big deal if the chickens get out.  I can always get them back in.

Easter Egg hen

Don’t know what kind she is

It is partly because he let one of the peacocks out and it got killed.  I’m still mad at that.

The one remaining peacock

It isn’t even that he let Hilda in and I had to wrangle her out so she didn’t overeat when my knee was still sore.  And Hilda is not what you would call a cooperative goat.


The biggest issue is that he is going to kill himself and Myson.


Those fat wethers will get bladder stones eating chicken feed.


I cannot convince him to quit.  At least it was nice not worrying about it for a month.

Together Again

17 Apr

I shared there were just a few goats on the back pasture.

Haley to the left, Moose, Myson, and Tansy in front

I’ve had a lot of goats on my front pasture.  There were more big goats on that small five acre pasture than there was on the Back Forty (the front half of it).

That means I needed to get them off of it so it can really start growing.  I opened the door on the south side of the barn to let them through.

Chiffon in the doorway, Flora thinking of going back in

It took LilyAnn just a minute before she went out. Because the salt block is always saltier on the other side of the fence, I guess.

LilyAnn and Jasmine

Soon there were lots of kids out playing on trees and concrete.

Perdita and Sylvia

The moms were excited to have grass that was a little bit taller.

Then they took off to join the rest of the herd.

Joy with Swen and Olaf

They were quite happy to be back out there again.

Penelope, Bambi, Casey, Ava, and Aphrodite

And since they were at pasture, I really didn’t see any fighting!