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Barnyard Scenes

19 Jan

Just some extra pictures from this past weekend because the camera doesn’t like our current weather.




Sky (not in the barnyard)

Dolly and Pluto

Uno on Tony

I miss being able to have bird feeders. Dang dog.

Cookie with Chiffon and Marge


Joani and Fionn

It’s almost a Wordless Wednesday post.

Winter Is Back

30 Dec

After over an inch of rain on Saturday, which left the barnyard a muddy boot sucking mess, we are now freezing, with snow and wind and sleet.  You can see there’s a fine layer of ice on my gate.

Sky still had to accompany me outside while I did chores and wait for me by the gate.  Don’t get me wrong, he could have gone in the dog door and waited for me there, but no…


The goats tried going to pasture for about five minutes.  I did take pity on them and gave them full hay after their grain.

Cutie (I think; maybe Ava; I can’t see enough of the horns or where Ava’s black spot would be.)

Everyone has plenty to eat.  I have to make sure I have enough piles of hay that even the little girlies get to eat.


Even the llamas decided the weather was too bad to go out to pasture.

Some of the goats were eating outside.  Caroline just looks happy that she’s not in pasture eating.

Penelope, Annie, Caroline

I even gave the geese some hay to sit on and nibble on.

But one goose decided she’d rather sit in the frozen pool.

Why?  I don’t get it, but that’s a goose for you.  I swear they have rubber feet.

Anyhow, welcome back to winter!

Just More Pictures

20 Dec

Tomorrow is the winter solstice.  I am really looking forward to the return of the sun.


Look who lets me touch her!  That MGIT (Milk Goat in Training) program is really working!


I’m hoping Chiffon will tame down too.  She lets me touch her when she’s eating in the milk room, but that’s it. Stinker.  I really do like her.


Here’s Penelope just because she’s cute.


Wanda is doing well.  Her fur is starting to grow back, and she’s feeling like she’s gained some weight back.  Getting copper and some sweet feed and being shut in has really helped her.

Wanda (Zeus in the background)

I was going to try to take a picture of the three old ladies using the Quonset hut to stay out of the wind, but every time they see me, Penny and Harley think they’re going to get peanut butter (medicine) and jump up as quickly as they can.

Betty, Penny and Harley

Maybeline is still crazy.  I never know if my sweet girl is going to be here or if the bucking, kicking, running-from-me black widow llady llama is going to show up.


Another of Aurora just because she’s beautiful.  I will say I am enjoying the llady llamas spending more time in the barnyard now that it’s colder.  I guess that’s one good thing with the cold.


I’m also looking forward to not going back to work until the new year.