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Cows and Llamas

22 Aug

You might recall that I had to move the llamas to the front pasture because Odie was going to attack a calf.  Since I had to let the llamas back into the barn, that meant I had to be a little bit wary about them meeting the cows. I had already taken the step of lowering my piece of panel to try and keep the naughty rump roasts out of the barnyard.


The kids and some smaller goats can still scoot under the panel, but it does mean a lot of the goats don’t get to go through that door either.  Although, they can still use it to scratch between their horns.


Luckily, not long after I let the llamas into the side of the barnyard that they get, Purple 11 came up to lick the salt/mineral block on the other side of the barnyard.

Purple 11

It didn’t take the llamas long to notice.


Several of them went through the barn and stood in the back lean-to and watched through the panel.

Estarr, Maybeline, Odie, and Aurora

You’ve got to love the cows.  They just don’t get too excited about anything.

Finally, she was done licking the salt block and meandered back out to pasture.  The llamas stepped back.  Nobody tried to go under the panel and attack the cow.

I’m pretty comfortable that everyone is going to stay where they belong and we won’t have any problems!  At least I hope that’s what happens.

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Learning to Adjust

7 Aug

It has been quite a change to have the cows here.  There are fourteen big ones and thirteen little ones.  That’s more cows than I’ve ever had on the farm.  The cows and goats pretty much ignore each other in pasture, so I don’t have to worry.

The cows are getting more and more comfortable with their surroundings and coming up to the barnyard for their water.

They’ll even hang out under the tree for a while.  I’m getting more comfortable with the bull (although I will never trust a bull).

It does make the goats a bit nervous to have to walk between them to come up the lane.

They can make a run past the cow to come in the side door, or they can come through the big barn door.

Unless there’s someone that decided to explore in the barn.  It tends to freak everyone out.

The calf left, and everyone got to come in for their nice long afternoon nap.

But then we had a couple of naughty little rump roasts.  They were exploring.

Then it was fun to make the goats run.

They’ve never seen birds like these before.

Finally, I got them to go through to the other side again.

I need to lower my panel a bit.  It won’t stop them all, but it will keep a few out.

They’re almost too big to come through by the cattle tank too.

Poor calves just want to play, but the goats are not amused.  I went out last night when Cutie was on the picnic table and a calf wanted to sniff her.  She immediately flew off the table and ran right behind me for protection.  Silly girl.

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Barnyard Discovery

2 Aug

While I was milking Cinnamon this morning, I heard a loud moo.  The cows discovered the barnyard.  I’ve never had this many cattle in my barnyard at one time before.  It’s a good thing for them.

They were looking for the water tank. They don’t drink really often, but when they do, they’ll drink five gallons at a time, which is why I need the continuous filling water tank with cows.

Some were a bit more creative about drinking than the rest.

The little bit of water they had in the Back Forty is rapidly disappearing (and getting really gross from them walking and pooping in it).  This is about all that’s left out there.

They also needed the salt/mineral block.  I took one to them in pasture, but I think they must have rolled it into the water and let it melt.  Really?

They were noisy.

They were curious.

A bit too curious for me (that’s the bull watching me), so I did put panels across the openings.  I really don’t want them in the barn, especially where I have to hand scoop it out.

I finally found Purple 11.  I really have been a bit nervous about the bull and didn’t want to go walking through the middle of them, so I have been checking from a distance by counting (thirteen cows, twelve calves and one bull) to make sure they are all there and just standing around.  But I finally got to see her up close!  She’s still waiting to have her calf.

They explored and drank and licked the salt block and left lots of pies and then they wandered back out to pasture about an hour later.

Now that they know about the cattle tank, I assume they’ll be visiting up here about twice each day.

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