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A Basking Weekend

13 Feb

Saturday was bright and sunny.  It was rather breezy, but if you found a patch of sun out of the wind, it was perfect for basking.





On the east side ofthe barn: Hilda, Rosie, Purl, Caroline, Venus, and Cutie; Heidi eating



South of the barn: Onyx, Victoria, Wanda, and Hera and Ostara


And the goats were certainly taking advantage of the basking weather to lounge around a be lazy.

Leftover Friday!

3 Feb

Our weather has been up and down all week, and it looks like we’re supposed to have a nice weekend.  I hope so.



So hard to get a good picture of Salem


Hilda in the middle of her girls Purl (behind) and Rosie (front)


sunflare sunset

Antigone and Xerxes up north

Salem and Sky–they make me laugh


bright late afternoon sunshine


Hopefully, we can. make it back to reasonable.  I think I’m about ready for spring to make an appearance.

I Can’t Wait

1 Feb

I really am looking forward to getting the greenhouse replaced.  It won’t be until late spring or so, but I can hardly wait.

Pluto and Pretzel in the door (Cutie peeking out from standing on a workbench)


It probably won’t hold as many goats because I’m not going to have work benches in there, so I can’t layer them.

2TC on top of a work bench

But that’s not a bad thing.  Flora was stuck.

Flora on the lower shelf

It’s not easy getting an adult goat out from under the workbench.  I have to pull the head out and then the front legs, lay her on her side and then pull.  They don’t like that. Yet, they keep going under there.

After I drug her out

I’ll also have to figure out how to get a really tall fenced in outside pen again. Occasionally, I need to pen a jumpy goat or a cranky llama.

Zora in the gate

I will be glad when it’s done.