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Those Boys

31 Aug

The boys are still driving me crazy.  Although I did manage to catch my wethers Sunday evening and get them sorted off.


I feel bad having them shut in the small north paddock, but I also don’t want them getting bladder stones.  They don’t seem to believe me that it’s for their own good.


I’ve added to my list of bothersome boys.  I thought I heard a kid yelling when I got home Sunday afternoon from a photo shoot, so I went out to pasture.  I was expecting to see Gomez.  I’d already removed his head from the fence earlier in the day.  Sadly it has been a habit of his lately.  I was a bit surprised to see Red with him.

kids fence_4983ews

Gomez wasn’t actually very stuck.  He got his head out before I reached him.  Red, on the other hand, was quite stuck.  I removed his head from the fence.

kid fence_4985ews

Then we all three rejoined the herd.  They were certainly happy to see their moms.


I hoped Red was going to be smart (they usually are) and not take after Gomez who has been a habitual head sticker.  I didn’t want to risk him getting stuck all day while I was at work, so I weaned him.  When I got home Monday, he was stuck again.  Hopefully, he sticks to putting his head through the panels because he can still get his head out of there.  So far.

kid fence_5086ews

It’s not like he’s starving.  Look at all the weeds and such.  You can barely see the other yard goats.

kid fence_5087ews

Some kids just don’t learn.

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Solving the Yard Goat Problem

25 May

With my garden getting tilled, I had to figure out what to do with my yard goats.  I do believe last summer Sam enjoyed snacking on my green bean plants. I didn’t want a repeat.

Xerxes (back) and Sam

Xerxes (back) and Sam

That means I had to have another fence.  I had panels up north, where we had the petting zoo at the pumpkin patch last fall.

Ranger ew

I had to bring them to my yard with the help of my trusty Ranger.


Then I put up a fence all across the yard.

Yard Fence_7359ews

The boys were a bit disappointed about having their space cut in half, but they still have plenty of space.

Yard Goat_7357ews

Hopefully, I’ll get these veggies planted (between rain showers) and have a great harvest.


This is a good addition to the yard!

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Happy Goats and Green

5 May

The rain followed by our current sunny skies mean happy goats and lots of green!



sunny leaves_6211ews




Pasture_6075ewsI am ready for summer!

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