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Spring Cleaning

8 Apr

I’m glad we are finally getting some good weather for the weekend because I have a lot of farm spring cleaning to do.  To start, I had to get some gas for the Ranger.  Unfortunately, even once I put gas in it, it didn’t start.  I hooked it to the battery charger for a half an hour, and we’re good to go!

I had walked the fences the other day.

Odie and Maybeline

I found a place where the goats could just walk under it.  I can’t believe that I still find these places after so many years, but I do.

I’ll have to see if I can get my dad to help me with the branch on the fence.

Then there’s this.  I actually had some goats get out the other day.  I’m grateful for my neighbor who put them in since I was at work.

I talked to my nephew about driving some wooden posts really deep to give me something to attach my panel to.  I think that’s why it fell–just too much grass pulled it down with the weight.

Until he gets the backhoe back home from a tiling job, my snow fence hobbling will have to hold them.

Getting Winter Ready and the Geese

27 Nov

It’s that time of year when I have to prepare for winter even if I don’t want to. My first order of business was to unhobble the two gates and panel that are blocking my gate between the yard and barnyard.  I had to do that when there were yard goats fighting with barnyard goats and they destroyed it.


I had hoped to replace my front fence and this section when we did dirt work from the garage, but those things have a way of not getting done.  Now it’s down to just the panel, but I have it nailed to swing like a gate.  Hopefully this will get me through the winter.  It will probably be next spring before I can finish clearing all the animal stuff off my patio.


You might have noticed the goose in the first shot.  Yeah.  I still have my geese in the yard because of losing half of them to coyotes this summer.  I’ve been trying to figure out where to put everyone so they have shelter, will get to eat and be safe.  Some of the smaller geese have been going into the barnyard, and they’ve even been spending the night, so I figured it was safe to put them back over there.  geese_8074ews

I let the big geese in (I bribed them with corn) the barnyard.  As the others came to join, I realized I was missing the Chinese girl.  I panicked.  I looked everywhere.  I walked in pasture and looked through the buildings.  I couldn’t find her or a pile of feathers anywhere.


I didn’t know what to do with the rest of them.  I thought they’d be safe.  I tried getting them into the chicken pen, but they wouldn’t go in.  I finally gave up and went back to winterizing.  I have all of my water tubs cleaned and in place and ready to plug heaters in.


Then I saw her.  She was completely unconcerned with the fact that I was nearly hysterical over losing another goose.  They are all nine still here.


the nine remaining geese

Thankfully.  I do have a bit of a ratio problem.  I know I have two girls, six guys and one unknown.  I will be hopefully getting more girls this spring.

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Those Boys

31 Aug

The boys are still driving me crazy.  Although I did manage to catch my wethers Sunday evening and get them sorted off.


I feel bad having them shut in the small north paddock, but I also don’t want them getting bladder stones.  They don’t seem to believe me that it’s for their own good.


I’ve added to my list of bothersome boys.  I thought I heard a kid yelling when I got home Sunday afternoon from a photo shoot, so I went out to pasture.  I was expecting to see Gomez.  I’d already removed his head from the fence earlier in the day.  Sadly it has been a habit of his lately.  I was a bit surprised to see Red with him.

kids fence_4983ews

Gomez wasn’t actually very stuck.  He got his head out before I reached him.  Red, on the other hand, was quite stuck.  I removed his head from the fence.

kid fence_4985ews

Then we all three rejoined the herd.  They were certainly happy to see their moms.


I hoped Red was going to be smart (they usually are) and not take after Gomez who has been a habitual head sticker.  I didn’t want to risk him getting stuck all day while I was at work, so I weaned him.  When I got home Monday, he was stuck again.  Hopefully, he sticks to putting his head through the panels because he can still get his head out of there.  So far.

kid fence_5086ews

It’s not like he’s starving.  Look at all the weeds and such.  You can barely see the other yard goats.

kid fence_5087ews

Some kids just don’t learn.

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