She’s Got No Respect

It’s true.  As much as I love my Maxine, she’s got no respect for fences.

Gelbvieh cow

I have to repair more fence because of her than any other animal on the farm.

cows and calf

I have it so she and Norma Jean can come into the barnyard and barn for shelter and a drink and licking the salt/mineral block.

cows in barnyard

She wants to be with MJ, and she wants the easy meal of hay.  The grass is greener. Yeah, she’s got all kinds of excuses.

red cow

She’s driving me crazy.  She was pushing down my cattle panel into MJ’s section of the barn just one day after I put it up.

bent cattle panel

I finally had to chase her down the lane (at a sedate walk) and chewed her butt the whole time until she got to the top of the hill.

cows going to pasture

Of course, that leaves Norma Jean and her baby bull looking at me like I’m a scary lunatic.

cows in pasture

So far (after I also added another fence post), she’s not been pushing it again.

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A Couple of Fences

First, I want to show you the lovely mourning dove on my front fence.  I’m kind of getting used to seeing him/her there.  I like that.

mourning dove

The other fence I’m sharing is the one by MJ.  He spends most of his time lying in the doorway of the barn.  The fence right there is what separates him from Maxine and Norma Jean.  I’m not happy with Maxine.

animals in the barnyard

While MJ might stare out into the Back Forty and think about how nice it is out there in the summer, Maxine is thinking about (and somewhat trying) joining MJ in the barnyard by coming through my fence.  (And we know what the geese are waiting for, don’t we.)


The ground is too frozen for me to be able to fix it right now.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that mess she’s making.  Snooty bovine!

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Fence Rows

We’ve had a couple of rainy days, but even though the skies were gray, it stopped raining and provided me with the opportunity for an afternoon walk.


I went through the bean field now that it’s empty.

cloudy skies and fence

I noticed there’s some trees that need cut out of the fence row.  The goats aren’t allowed in here, or they would keep the fence rows completely cleaned out.

trees in fence row

If I don’t do it while they are small, they’ll end up like this.

fence in tree

fence in tree

I don’t need more giant trees with fences through their trunks.

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