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Up a Tree

10 Aug

With our heat, Maggie has stayed in the barnyard.  She doesn’t handle heat well.  I tried again to wean Chocolate.  Hopefully it works this time.

Maggie May Osboer

Maggie May Osboer

I figured I better go out and check on the rest of the herd out in pasture.  First, I found Llenny.



Don’t worry, I just interrupted his nap.


Finally, I made it out to pasture.  A couple of girls looked hot, but nobody was horrible.  I wondered where Ava was when I saw Charlie.

Wanda and Charlie

Wanda and Charlie

Then I heard a couple of kids.

kids in tree_4072ews

Um.  Daisy and Ava were up in the tree.

kid in tree_4077ews

Daisy is such a sassy little stkinker.

kid in tree_4075ews

She came down and raced past me.  Ava followed at a more sedate pace, and I actually got to pet her.

Doe kid running_4079ews

When I was getting ready to head back up to the air conditioning barnyard, I noticed Daisy was at it again.

kid in tree_4122ews

kid in tree_4124ews

The whole making her a sweet girl is not working.

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Another Reason I Love Llenny

16 Jul

You know I already adore Llenny because he’s pretty friendly and handsome.  He is a good deterrent for the coyotes.  Now I have another reason to love him.



Early last week, I heard a kid crying at the top of the hill just into the Back Forty.  I headed that way.  It was Roi.  Being one of the youngest kids, he got lost in the tall grass.  I saw there wasn’t another goat near him, but Llenny was there.


When I got closer, I heard Llenny talking softly to the kid.  When I got close, I thanked Llenny and told him that I had Roi now.  He turned and trotted off to join the rest of the herd.


I llove my llama!

Shearing Day

11 Jun

Last night, when I was at the farmer’s market, I got an e-mail asking about shearing the llama today.  Well, considering we are miserable hot, I was thrilled!



I wasn’t sure how I was going to catch him, but I decided it would all work out.   And it did!  It was super easy peasy.  He was lying in a small spot where I could haul a panel and fasten it up and instant llama holding pen!  I almost thought it was too easy.  And when the goats went out to pasture, I realized why.  Llenny got a little stressed when the goats left him all by himself.  Luckily I was out there because he tried jumping everything he could think to jump.  He hit his head on the rafters a couple of times.  He tried going under and through anything.  Finally, when he tried jumping the panel and got both front feet through holes, I was a bit worried as I was standing directly beneath him and pushing him back.  I was worried he’d break a leg if my baling twine didn’t hold, and I didn’t really want to be beneath the panel and a llama.  I tried calling my son, and he said he’d come help.  Luckily, Llenny tried getting down and I helped get one foot out.  He did settle down after that, and my son stood there while I got more panels and twine and finished red-necking the pen up. Llenny did have one more effort at going over the fence (sorry for the bad cell phone picture), but it was pretty half-hearted.

llama shearing ew

It wasn’t too long until the Aspen Rayne Ranch shearing crew arrived.

llama shearing_8795ews

They were amazing!  They quickly put a halter on Llenny and led him out to be sheared.  I must say, while Sandy was holding him, he was positively snuggling with her!  He did me a little too (I might be jealous).


We put him in the stand.  He was pretty good for that.

llama shearing_8796ews

The shearing went well. Worming was no problem.

llama shearing_8799ews

llama shearing_8800ews

llama shearing_8802ews

The feet are another story.  It was pretty difficult.  He got all kicky jumpy.  He fought hard.  He knocked the stand down.  We called my boy for reinforcements.

llama shearing_8804ewsI swear to you, my boy is a llama whisperer.  He never said a word, but he stood there by Llenny and touched his side.  The llama never fought again.  Really.  On our way to turn Llenny back out with the goats, we did pause, and I offered him a bite of sweet feed. He liked it!  I think I just found his treat food.  Maybe he’ll really snuggle with me if I give him treats.


Well, after he forgives me for today. He still hasn’t gotten past the cranky llama ears.


I hope they will come back next year because they were amazing!

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