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Pasture is Growing

26 May

For a while, with all the cool weather we had, I was worried about the pasture keeping up with the goats.

The goats in pasture

Finally, it is starting to get ahead of them and grow.


They do eat a lot though.

Lady would get lost in the growth on the other side of the fence where they can’t get.


They really eat a lot, but it makes them happy and healthy.

I will probably let them out on the back half of the Back Forty soon–when they start going to pasture later in the day.  Then I won’t worry (quite so much) about coyotes.

Cupid and Brigit

And it will give this front pasture a rest because I’ll shut them back on it when we go on vacation.

Looking Like Summer

20 May

I love this time of year.  Everything is turning green and there’s wildlife to photograph and happy goats and llamas on pasture.

eastern kingbird


blue jay



Baltimore oriole


eastern meadowlark

Bob Cat heading out to hunt

red-winged blackbird



Ostara has become a total wild brat.


Sorry to overload with this last subject, but I’ve never seen such an agreeable snake before.

fox snake

probably at least four feet long

Here’s to another great weekend!

More Happy Goats on Pasture

11 May

It’s been crazy around here.  Seriously.  So I’m just sharing more of the goats right after they got to go back out on pasture.

Flora (notice the duct tape from a horn apparatus she removed herself)


Brigit and Ostara

Astra found a way to scratch her belly.


Cody made it out there finally!


Sappho’s first day in pasture wore her out.

Seriously, wore her out.

Odie by the ditch

Ava scratching between her horns.

Aurora and the goats

I think I’m seriously in need of summer break because I have way too much to do.