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30 Jun

I am really enjoying the birds this summer.  You know there’s going to be bobolink pictures.


Yep.  There were two males engaged in a little territory spat.

The juvenile eastern meadowlark was out there.

eastern meadowlark

The fritillary was enjoying the flowers in pasture.


I noticed this nest of barn swallows.

Two days later when I went out, this little one was sitting on the floor beneath the nest.  After a couple of pictures, s/he flew off.

barn swallow

It looks like the rest of them are about ready to fly away too.

The recent rains have made it easy for the butterflies, including the admiral below, to find a drink.

admiral butterfly

I also saw a red-tailed hawk being mobbed by the blackbirds.

red-tailed hawk and red-winged blackbird

I captured my first black swallowtail of the season.

Lots of things flying around out there!

Happy Birds

8 Jun

Look!  I really do give the geese nice clean cool water.

It’s just that they get it dirty so fast I can hardly ever get photographic evidence.

They do enjoy the pool. Of course, they also enjoy the old dirty water I dump out of the pool.

I have all the doors and windows in their section of the barn that I can opened to help let a breeze through.

One of the new little hens is enjoying a real dirt bath.  She doesn’t have to do that in the food anymore.

Of course, the free range chicken is happy with her freedom.  Seriously, I can’t figure out why she’s the only one who comes out.

Since we turned so hot so quickly, I also brought out a gallon of frozen tomatoes for them.

At the end of the season last year I was so sick of tomatoes that I just froze several gallons so the birds could have a cold treat on hot days.

They seem to appreciate it.  Luckily, after today, we’re supposed to have more seasonal temperatures.


7 Jun

When I went out to pasture the other day, I saw the goldfinch flitting about just outside the barnyard.

female goldfinch

However, for the last few days I haven’t seen Mrs. Bobolink.  Mr. Bobolink is still out there singing and looking handsome, so I assume his lady is now sitting on the nest.

The Eastern kingbirds have been out in full force.

Mr. Bobolink at the top, eastern kingbird on the bottom branch

Myson cracks me up.  He is always standing on this rock like he’s the goat herder keeping an eye on everyone.


Everyone else in the shade.

Popcorn is going out with the herd and doesn’t follow me around when I’m out there.  He still comes to see me, but he stays with the herd when I leave.  In short, he’s learning that he’s a goat.


Hilda.  Good grief.  How can she still be getting bigger?


Blaze with a huge wad of cud in her cheek.


I’m not sure this looks like a convenient way to eat,

Athena and Marin

but it seems to be working.