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Holy Thunderbolts of Thor!

9 Apr

When I was going out in pasture with the goats last week, I was a bit surprised when I came over the hill and saw what looked like a horrible blast of lightening had hit one of my trees.

I cannot believe how it flung some of those chunks of wood into the ground.

I’m really glad that no goats were out in pasture when it happened.

They were certainly curious about this wood being flung all over their pasture.



It was good for horn/head scratching though.

I actually think I know when it happened.  One night just as I went to bed, there was a huge clap of thunder that made the dog whine and the kitten flew out of my bed in absolute terror.  Now I know why it was so loud.  My phone did also warn me that there was a lightning strike within a few miles of Eden Hills too.  Might have been a little off in its distance.


They Win…Sort Of

6 Apr

Since goats were sneaking out, I had to open the gate to let them back in, so I let everyone out for a few minutes Wednesday eveing.  Then we had our closest to normal weather in a long time on Thursday, so when I got home from my doctor’s appointment, I decided to let them out.  They wasted no time in coming out.

Dolly leading the way

Then they went right past me.

You’ll notice I waited until the llamas were on the front pasture and shut them out there because I’m pretty sure I might not have gotten them to come back into the barnyard, and we’re back to ridiculous winter weather again today.

Bonnie, Myson, Moose, Zinnia and Harley (llamas on front pasture)

I think everyone enjoyed being out there.


A few kids came.  They certainly enjoyed it.

Wanda with Zephyr and Hermes

I hope this gets rid of some excess energy and everyone quits squabbling with one another.

It’s probably going to be a while before they get to go back out there again.

Still Waiting for Spring

1 Apr

We are having our coldest Easter in ten years.  Our forecast for the next week or so is calling for temperatures averaging about ten degrees below our historical average.

Maybeline “I love my thick wool coat right now.”

Poor Vinnie really wishes she could be a snowbird and spend winters in Florida or Texas.  She is still huddling inside most of the day.


Still, if you can find a place in the sun and out of the wind it isn’t too bad.

Betty Lou

The kids that weren’t in the garage don’t mind it.  They don’t know how much nicer it’s supposed to be.


We are still going through a crazy amount of hay.  They are almost done with their second round bale.


We are all way more than ready for real spring warmth.

Still, if you look closely, you can start to see a hint of green in the pasture.