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Can’t Make This Up

5 Nov

Sometimes I get bored with just photographing the farm.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my farm, but sometimes I want to photograph something new or different.  There’s not much opportunity here, so when I saw a hot air balloon while I was on my way back from getting corn out of the corn pool, I hurried to get my camera before it was gone.


To my delight, it came closer!


I walked across the road into the harvested bean field to keep photographing it.  I saw Bob joined me.  I scolded him, but I figured he’d go back home with me too.


I went back to photographing the balloon.


Then I caught a flash of movement.  Bob did too.


The coyote didn’t even see us.


It was fascinated with watching the balloon.  How I wish I’d been thinking fast enough to get all three–the balloon, the cat, and the coyote–in my photo.


But the coyote was gone and the balloon moved on, scaring the cows across the hill.


You can’t make this up.

Friday’s Hunt v2.18

28 Oct

Welcome back to Friday’s Hunt.  I want to thank everyone who joined in last week.  I had a lot of fun visiting everyone who linked up.  It’s very simple.  Anyone can participate.  The link opens at 7pm Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm, so you have plenty of time to enter. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to visit some of the other entries.

If you didn’t participate this week but would like to next week, the topics will be:  Starts with S, Week’s Favorite, and amazing.  I will always keep a list of the items for the coming week in my sidebar at the top. I am crazy busy with teaching and working on the farm right now, but I will make sure to visit all participants.  Without further ado, here’s my interpretations for the week.

Starts with R: I finally have some of Llenny’s roving (wool cleaned and prepped for spinning) packaged up.  I haven’t gotten it added to my website yet, but I do have someone interested in ordering some.  I am just waiting on final details before I can send it.



Week’s Favorite:  The days just seem to keep going by so quickly and in such a routine (or rut if I were a pessimist), that it’s hard to find a favorite.  Although, our weather has been really warm for this time of year and I’ve gone for a couple of walks in pasture.  It’s really crazy to see three llamas out there.

Llenny and the girls

Llenny and the girls

Odie and Maybeline

Odie and Maybeline

Black and/or Orange:  My orange kitties!  Bob has cattitude.

Bob Cat

Bob Cat

Snickers is not a fan of the flash.  Can you tell?

Snickers Doodle McWhiner

Snickers Doodle McWhiner

Now it’s your turn!

Losing Bits and Parts

20 Oct

If you remember, I had my little bucks banded to castrate them.  Typically, it’s safe, easy, and not likely to have complications.  They all looked like this as things were dying and drying up.

Red nursing Harley

Red nursing Harley

A couple of days ago, I noticed that my first little boy was completely free of his extra parts.  That’s how it usually happens.  They just fall off.



Well, Tuesday ended up being a bit unusual.  It started with me finally making my phone call to the vet to get an appointment for my little Bob cat.  He had been in another fight and I knew he had torn a claw.  It wasn’t getting better.  The vet pulled the claw off and gave him an antibiotic shot.



That evening, while I was walking in pasture, I took a picture of Red.  I thought I saw wet on his dried up parts.  Well, the skin had come down and revealed he still had living tissue.  Now about three inches was exposed.  I called the vet.  He sutured things and removed what was left of the scrotum.  The vet said he’d never seen anything like that either, so I did feel better.


After the vet’s visit, Red is all better now, but I never want to have to see any of my babies go through that again.  Poor boy.

For the record, I love and appreciate my vets, but I’d like to go a week or lots more before I have to call them again.  I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt tomorrow.  I have the items for this week at the top of my side bar.