Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week’s items for Scavenger Hunt Sunday are: leading lines, daily task, frozen, starts with S, and powerful.

The sunflowers, even though the goats killed them, are a powerful draw for the goldfinches.


It’s that time of year that all the milk I’m getting from the goats gets frozen in case of bottle kids next year.  I’ll also freeze some for making soap.

frozen milk_5584e2w

Snickers (starts with S) enjoys his daily nap on my kitchen table.

Snickers Doodle McWhiner

Snickers Doodle McWhiner

These are the leading lines of wax cooling.  Probably not the intention of the prompt, but that’s the best I could do.

cooling wax_5577ew

Once the wax is cool, it leads to more candles being made.  This one’s fragrance is vanilla oak.

chunk candle_5587ew

One of my daily tasks this time of year is going out to the garden and picking produce.


Canning tomatoes is almost a daily task, but I did get to skip today.

Good Byes

Good-byes are never fun, but sometimes they are more upsetting than others.  I’ve had too many good-byes this spring.  I’ve lost Joe and Scarlet that were not a surprise with their age and CAE.  Coffee was harder because it was unexpected.  No matter what you always have a close relationship to your milking does.  Kimmy was also a surprise (and I am assuming it was a coyote with the deer carcass so close).

Joe Jo Street

Joe Jo Street

Losing my Gabby goose to the raccoon was devastating. The geese hatched three goslings, and I know never to get attached to them until they get to be bigger.  The first one was doing well and survived even when the second one was only here overnight and the third only lasted a couple of days.  I was starting to talk to the baby and thought it might actually make it, but it disappeared.


Some good-byes are planned.  I planned on selling my kids Saturday, and we did load twenty-four kids up and sold them.  It helps knowing that I’m feeding the world, and I also get good money for them.  I will admit though, that there are a couple of those kids that I’m going to miss.


I’ve lived with Snickers and Stella having cancer for three and two years now. I know that any day could be the one that they crash.  Millie is old and arthritic, and she is not likely to make it to winter.  As hard as these are, I know it’s coming, but some good-byes are really hard to take.  Friday night I let Jules out.  I haven’t seen her since.  I really hoped she would come back home somehow.



I’m afraid she was also taken by a hawk, owl or coyote.  I really don’t want anymore good-byes this summer.

No Birds in the Bath

For some reason, I never seem to have birds in my bird bath.  Go figure.



It’s still crazy busy here. My mom and two of my nephews left for Europe, so I’m taking care of my mom’s cats.

Cat in birdbath_4659ew

I have the farmer’s market tonight.

Cat in Birdbath_4658ew

Then I’m going to try to shut in my March babies to take to the sale barn tomorrow.

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