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Random Stuff and Updates

14 Dec

Obviously, we’re still waiting for crias.  I’m beginning to wonder if they’re ever going to have babies.


But they do seem content with just standing around and eating.


Snickers and Leo were enjoying a nap.

Snickers and Leo

I saw a random squirrel in the oak tree.

Margarita is doing quite well, and she and Maggie are bonding again now that Maggie knows her girl is truly weaned.

Margarita and Maggie

I’m looking forward to longer days soon.



12 Dec

Noelle seems to be adjusting to her life here.

Sky and Noelle

She seems to approve of belonging to Sky.  Or maybe he belongs to her?

Sky’s Birthday Presents

9 Dec

We couldn’t let Sky’s birthday pass without getting him a present.  He is after all an incredibly good boy; although, he really is a maniac.  My mom gave him a beef bone.


He was a bit excited.

I thought he could use something to keep him occupied in the house.  It seems to be working.  Check it out below:


Also, kittens spontaneously generate.  It’s true.  My mom had whole litters magically appear in her woodshed two years in a row.

Meet Noelle.  At least, I think that’s her name.