I Gave In

I couldn’t stand seeing Jules all begging and sad to be shut in the house, so, despite losing a life in the oak tree fiasco, I let her out today.



Luckily, it was a lounging on the deck hoping a bird flew right into her eager little paws kind of day.

black & white catThat did not happen, but I did notice that the male house finches are getting their breeding colors!  That has to mean spring.




I also saw a junco in pasture, however, which usually means winter.

JuncoI guess that’s spring in Iowa!

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Rescuing Jules

With the chaos of Sallie’s kids and about a dozen other things going on, I forgot to let Leo and Jules in last night before I went to bed.  I called this morning, and Leo came to the house, but Jules didn’t show up.  I kept calling, and just when I was about to give up and go to work, I heard her answer me.  I kept calling and following her responses.  I finally found her.



I think she must have been on her way through the woods to visit Grandma because she was in the tree.  Well, she was sitting on the ledge where we had to cut half the tree down (No picture because it was dark and I was running late).


I knew I couldn’t get her because it was probably 20 – 30 feet high, so I called my nephew and left her extraction in his and my son’s capable hands.  I mean, they’re not firemen, but they can surely handle removing one sweet cat from her perch on the tree.

ladder  w

By the time they got here, she had disappeared.  She had gone down into the crack where the squirrels live.  It was some kind of Goldilocks thing trying to sleep in their den.  No that’s not it.  No.  No. No. Wrong story.  Jules is an original fairy tale.  I didn’t know any of this until later, when I finally sent my son a text and asked if they had gotten her down from the tree.


What do you do with that?  I felt like Old Mother Hubbard because I didn’t know what to do.   Should I be more worried about my kid, my cat or my tree.  Really.  Anyhow, he got my mom to come help him (the nephew had defected) to call 911 if he fell off the ladder, and he proceeded to huff and puff and blow… I mean, he removed a hole from the tree.  (Really.)  They couldn’t find my poor kitten.  Maybe she was down in the hole looking for her mittens!

Tree hole_0023ew

They decided to go to my dad’s for more tools, but when they went to pull out of the drive, they saw she had climbed back up out of the crack.  Back they went and my son climbed the ladder again.

Tree_0022ewJules, being the coy little kitty that she is would enjoy him petting her, but she wasn’t about to get close enough to let him grab her (that’s why you shouldn’t tease a cat you might some day have to rescue).  Finally, she came within his reach, and he brought her down the tree.  Luckily, for her, he didn’t keep his word and kill her.  Instead, they brought her in the house and gave her a bowl of food.

cat by door_0018ew

By the time I got home, she was little Miss Innocent eating her curds and whey.  No. Wrong story again.  She was sitting at the door begging to go outside.  No way!

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Bob’s Scavenger Hunt

This week’s Scavenger Hunt is all about Bob.  The items are: Time, On My Plate, Animal, Negative Space, and Photographer’s Choice.

There’s a lot on my plate, so I’m enjoying the longer days.  The goats are going out to pasture.  They might be complaining that there’s a Bob on their plate.

cat in goat pasture

I also have time to take a walk in the pasture now that the days are long and warm.  Bob oftentimes likes to walk with me.

cat walking in pasture

Obviously, Bob is an animal.  I’m thinking of making him a livestock guardian cat since he’s so comfortable out here in pasture.

Orange cat



(Negative Space) He can sit on the rock and watch over everyone for me.

Orange cat

Photographer’s Choice.  Bob doesn’t always like to pose for pictures, but when he does, it’s magic.

Cat Sunflare

I love my little Bob cat.

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