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A Bit of This and That

8 Aug

I think it’s a bit early, but the bucks are starting to come into rut.


That means I need to get rid of or move a lot of little boys because I would prefer not to start kidding in January again.

Lou and Cinquain

Bob had gone a long time without fighting, but that seems to have come to an end.  He had to be treated for an abscess on his ear.

Bob Cat

My hens are really slowing down their egg production, which is what I expected this year and why I got the five new girls.

one of the new girls

They are still giving me two or three each day, but that’s nothing like the five to seven I got from March until August.

old ladies: brown leghorns and a barred rock

In related news, I got my first pullet egg from the young girls!

The little one in front is a pullet egg.

The peacocks are losing their tail feathers.  Right now it’s just one or two a day, but it won’t be long until they are without tails.

The geese are enjoying their time outside.

They aren’t even going back in a night now.

Some of the Gang

31 Jul

Just some leftovers from the last week.


Penelope on the brush pile with Addie coming to join her

This is how Bob has spent pretty much every day this summer.



Freddie waiting for head scratches or peanuts

one of the peacocks

Six and Fannie (who is very close to getting a horn apparatus attached)

the ganders

Chiffon, Venus, and Cookie




I am working on kicking the geese out of the chicken building.


the young hens are getting braver


I know it’s kind of a photo overload, but I had a lot of leftovers this week.

Random Shots

13 Jul

Stitch and Purl and doing well.  Purl is still my sweet little girl.  I think I was successful in getting her to like me.

Stitch and Purl

Poor Maybeline does not tolerate the heat well, and it does nasty things to her fleece.


My handsome dog.


Here’s another of the Queen Anne’s lace after the storm.

I forgot to add these to yesterday’s post.  I think Bob got caught out in the storm.

Bob Cat

Poor baby.  I hope he didn’t get hit by any of that hail.

Xerxes is so handsome!


I think Freddie has adjusted to the move into the paddock with his half-brother (Xerxes) quite well.


A swallowtail from when I was doing chores the other day.

swallowtail butterfly

Pluto is still a sweet boy.


He’s also still really short.  He certainly inherited every drop of mini-goat from both sides.