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Some Goings On Around the Farm

11 Mar

The geese might be wandering out to pasture sometimes, but they are also enjoying the pool I set up for them.

Bob hibernated most of the winter.  He’s hanging outside a bit more.  He’s really waiting for long summer days when he can sleep on the patio all day.  Right now he can’t decide if he wants to be in or out.

Bob Cat

I saw my first robins of the season last weekend.  They were suddenly everywhere!

robins in the crabapple tree

I’m still feeding hay to the goats, but I’ve cut down quite a bit.  Soon, I won’t have to feed them any.

Ava with a full mouth

Aurora quickly got spoiled.  I enjoy spoiling her, and I wish it were easier to do.  She’s waiting for some calf starter, but I can’t feed her with goats around because they are pushy jerks.

Aurora waiting for calf starter

Speaking of pushy.  Zinnia seems to think her girl should go find her own pile of hay.  She’s tired of being the mom to her grown daughter, Joy.

Joy and Zinnia

Purl is a mini version of her maa, Hilda.  By the way, Hilda is a carbon copy of her maa, Helen.

Purl and Hilda

Sky is also enjoying the nice weather.


We are all enjoying this nice weather.

Aurora coming up from pasture


We hope it lasts because we don’t want to go back to winter.

Wild Birds

19 May

I’ve been enjoying the wild birds on the farm.

Baltimore oriole

barn swallows

gray catbird

red-bellied woodpecker

eastern meadowlark


Eastern Kingbird

gray catbird

red-winged blackbird pair

barn swallows

Baltimore oriole

Eastern meadowlark with a robin flying in


But I still haven’t seen any of the bobolinks yet this summer.  I do hope they come back to nest.

I Need Sunshine

25 Mar

For the last what seems like forever, we’ve had snow and rain and fog and gloom.

robin in the crab apple tree during snow showers

I think we’ve had an hour of sunshine here and there, but otherwise, it’s been pretty yucky.

Goats at pasture in the fog and drizzle

That means the kids are mostly playing inside.

2TC, Scooter, Butterscotch, and Flora

I kind of feel like Cutie–just staring outside wishing the mud and fog would disappear.


I’m really ready to move past mud season.  Sky needs to learn to wipe his paws before coming in the house.


It’s also hard on the goats’ health.  Poor Trace ended up with pneumonia, but after banamine and antibiotics, she’s feeling much better.

Trace and Quatro

Here’s hoping to better weather soon.  In the meantime, I just keep planning my garden.  I actually have some seeds that have already sprouted!

okra sprouts

Some are to be transplanted outside, and some are my experiments in container gardening.

green bean sprout

I also spent a day making these feed sack garden bags.  I have a dozen of them ready to go!

I had the bags in the garage all neatly stacked to make my tote bags that I sell, but you might remember Antigone was in the garage for a while over the winter, and she was horrible about playing in them and throwing them on the floor.

Wanda in Antigone’s mess

That means I can’t use them for nice tote bags.  The mice might have played in them too.

mouse provided drainage hole

I plan on planting potatoes and other veggies in them.

I have my big pile of compost behind the Love Shack, so it seemed like a good plan for putting both the bags and the compost to good use.  We’ll see how it works.