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Once They Moved

30 Jun

Now that I had the moms where they needed to be, that still left me with a couple of problems.  I needed to get Astra on this side so I could milk her.

Astra (Haley in the back)

It was actually pretty easy to just open the panel by the cattle tank and let her come through.

Three generations: Pretzel, Moira, and Astra

Unfortunately, Astra and Perdita had to be separated again because she thought she should nurse her maa again, and Astra let her.

Astra and Perdita

I put her back on the other side with the rest of the herd.

Perdita, Aurora, and Daisy (I think the kid is Tippy)

Then I wanted to bring Dolly over too.  She’s been getting to come in and eat sweet feed everyday, and I wanted to continue that.  But she and Zinnia were being a bit difficult.

Zinnia and Dolly

Eventually, I got her in too.

I also had to do something with the geese.  The moms and babies can go everywhere, but the dads can’t get back and forth.  I decided I would put them away from the new kids.  I moved pools and so far it’s working out.  I think that’s all the moving around I had to do.  Trust me, that was plenty for this round of moving goats.

two of the babies

Now, I get to continue trying to keep track of kids out on the pasture with all that tall, thick grass.  So far, that has been going well.

Joani (back), Moira and Pretzel

The other problem is that the move did not help with Tiger getting his head stuck.

Tiger the second time I had to cut him out

I actually have had to cut him out of the fence twice.

You’ll notice he has duct tape on his horns, but he managed to rip the horn apparatus off.

I do not know what I’m going to do with this boy until I can get him sold.

I’m going to give the kids two or three weeks to be able to keep up with their moms, and then I can move them onto the Back Forty.

Some Goings On Around the Farm

11 Mar

The geese might be wandering out to pasture sometimes, but they are also enjoying the pool I set up for them.

Bob hibernated most of the winter.  He’s hanging outside a bit more.  He’s really waiting for long summer days when he can sleep on the patio all day.  Right now he can’t decide if he wants to be in or out.

Bob Cat

I saw my first robins of the season last weekend.  They were suddenly everywhere!

robins in the crabapple tree

I’m still feeding hay to the goats, but I’ve cut down quite a bit.  Soon, I won’t have to feed them any.

Ava with a full mouth

Aurora quickly got spoiled.  I enjoy spoiling her, and I wish it were easier to do.  She’s waiting for some calf starter, but I can’t feed her with goats around because they are pushy jerks.

Aurora waiting for calf starter

Speaking of pushy.  Zinnia seems to think her girl should go find her own pile of hay.  She’s tired of being the mom to her grown daughter, Joy.

Joy and Zinnia

Purl is a mini version of her maa, Hilda.  By the way, Hilda is a carbon copy of her maa, Helen.

Purl and Hilda

Sky is also enjoying the nice weather.


We are all enjoying this nice weather.

Aurora coming up from pasture


We hope it lasts because we don’t want to go back to winter.

Happy Birds

8 Jun

Look!  I really do give the geese nice clean cool water.

It’s just that they get it dirty so fast I can hardly ever get photographic evidence.

They do enjoy the pool. Of course, they also enjoy the old dirty water I dump out of the pool.

I have all the doors and windows in their section of the barn that I can opened to help let a breeze through.

One of the new little hens is enjoying a real dirt bath.  She doesn’t have to do that in the food anymore.

Of course, the free range chicken is happy with her freedom.  Seriously, I can’t figure out why she’s the only one who comes out.

Since we turned so hot so quickly, I also brought out a gallon of frozen tomatoes for them.

At the end of the season last year I was so sick of tomatoes that I just froze several gallons so the birds could have a cold treat on hot days.

They seem to appreciate it.  Luckily, after today, we’re supposed to have more seasonal temperatures.