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Too Smart

3 Jul

Goats are the smartest of the barnyard animals.  They are too smart for their own good.  Once again, Moose has opened the pen and let the birds out and the goats in.


I even put a chain around the gate instead of the twine I had been using.  I don’t know if I didn’t get it slipped on properly or if he pulled just right for it to come out.  I’ve added a carabiner. If that doesn’t work. I don’t know what else to do.

Again, if they get too much grain, it will kill them.  The next morning Purl had diarrhea.  That’s a good thing. It indicates her body is still moving and isn’t blocked.  As of yet, nobody else has shown any signs.


The hens just went back in.  They are also pretty easy.

obviously, we’re molting

You might remember this is also how I lost my other peacock.  Thankfully, this one is pretty calm.  I grabbed his entire full tail (if you grab just one, he’ll let it out) and worked up to his body so I could pick him up.

nice long tail on Mr. Peacock right now

I am ready to strangle smart goats.  Between him and…

Just Some Stuff

20 May

I don’t think I ever shared Sky all dressed up in his “happy faces” bandana.  He was funny, trying to turn and see it when I first put it on him, but then he didn’t care at all.  Good boy!

Sky in his Happy Faces bandana

Tansy has gotten pretty big.  I’m not too worried about her kidding as a true yearling.

Tansy is pretty much as big as her mom.

I just hope she has it on her own and doesn’t need my help because that would be hard.


Onyx still worries me because she’s so fine.  Look at that cute little udder.  She’s getting close!


For no reason at all, here’s one of the brown leghorn hens.  I am drowning in eggs.

We have cows across the road again.  They are back for the summer (these are not the ISU cows who stayed with us).

Cows across the road

Popcorn’s copper really helped.  He’s getting is color and spots back, and his fur is growing in nice and soft.


Cinnamon’s fur on her nose is coming back, too.  I wasn’t sure it was ever going to grow back in, but she is looking good.


I dug a little itty-bitty baby plum tree.  So far it’s doing okay.

I’m thrilled because I do love my plums.  I’m hoping to get another one or two going in pots, and then I’ll try to plant them outside this fall and hope at least one makes it.

One Thing I Didn’t Miss

1 May

I had the herd divided in half for about a month.  I really prefer to have everyone together so it’s easier to see everyone and check on them and just hang out with them.

Pluto (I can’t believe how round he looks)

There is, however, one thing I did not miss while some of them were shut on the back side of the barnyard–Moose being away from my bird pen.

Moose in front of the chicken pen–the gate he constantly opens is chained.

It took all of about ten minutes before he was over there trying to open the door.  It’s not a big deal if the chickens get out.  I can always get them back in.

Easter Egg hen

Don’t know what kind she is

It is partly because he let one of the peacocks out and it got killed.  I’m still mad at that.

The one remaining peacock

It isn’t even that he let Hilda in and I had to wrangle her out so she didn’t overeat when my knee was still sore.  And Hilda is not what you would call a cooperative goat.


The biggest issue is that he is going to kill himself and Myson.


Those fat wethers will get bladder stones eating chicken feed.


I cannot convince him to quit.  At least it was nice not worrying about it for a month.