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Hello, Summer!

2 Jun

Yesterday was my last day of the school year.  I am officially home for the summer!

Dolly in pasture

the herd spread across the bottom

Maisie–another reason I am a firm believer in conservation


I have no idea what this is hanging in the tree–it’s just about the size of a ping pong ball.

Victoria is doing well on pasture this summer

Joy in the barnyard

my sweet Moxie

beautiful Ostara


Sammie and Silas (I have been so stressed, I just noticed this past weekend that Sammie is polled)


Tansy telling me that if I think I am going to pet her, I’m going to have to let her in for some sweet feed.

And I’m more than ready to be in summer mode.

It’s Friday Again!

26 May

This is my last weekend before the start of summer break.  I am more than ready.



My beans got planted through the rye last Thursday (the 18th), but it’s been too busy to get it on the blog.



Estella’s got lift!

Lizzie is still a wild thing.

Mr. Peacock and Ms. Goose

My sweet Moxie


Ostara looks really good.


Hope you have a great weekend!


21 Apr

I wish we had good weather this weekend, because I have a lot of outside stuff I need to get done.

Athena with her kids, Jolie (back) and Jaques and LilyAnn’s Anita facing the other way

Ms. Goose

Penelope on pasture


Astra is looking better; I’m glad she is taking a year off from babies.

Tiger really needs to do a better job of grooming himself.

Moxie with her mom, Perdita

Odie and the pasture is getting so green!

Victoria scratched her eye, but it’s doing much better now.

A lazy Ostara licking the salt/mineral block

Cupid’s kids love the tub!


one of the brown leghorns

Casey says there are advantages to being naturally polled.

But it looks like cold and icky weather again.  So I guess I’ll have to enjoy another inside weekend.