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Snowy Thursday

25 Feb

We had a snowy Thursday.

We had a good four inches by the time it was done.

Not to be confused with a snow day from work.  That was actually on Tuesday, but not because of snow.  It was ice and wind on Tuesday.

Although these icicles were from the snowy day.

Today was snow.

Quite a bit of snow, but there was no wind and even though it was cold, it wasn’t stupid cold.

The pans were filling again by the time I got done with chores.

If I hadn’t had to drive home on snowy slick roads, it would have been a perfect snow.

Margarita checking for treats.

Perdita eating outside to avoid bully goats.

I will say that when I was hauling an armload of hay to the two bucks up north, I did find a patch of ice covered in the snow.  My feet did the jitterbug; my arms were doing the rhumba; the hay came snowing down to the ground all around me.

I was headed for the lean-to door back there.

But I did not end up flat on my back spinning in circles doing a break-my-hip dance, so I’m going to call it a victory.  And Freddie was enjoying the hay I dropped.

And most everyone else was eating hay in the barn and staying nice and dry.

Aurora was happy lounging in the barn after her extra feed.



Overall, I was a pretty good snow.

Wild Weather

28 Dec

Our wild weather continues.  After record high temperatures with tornadoes and a derecho on the 15th, we are still having weather challenges.  The day after Christmas saw fairly warm weather.  Just as I was coming in from milking, I started hearing thunder and seeing lightning.

By the time I got in the house, the rain really picked up.  Then there was hail.  That’s crazy.  We are not supposed to have thunderstorms and hail this time of year.

Hail on the deck.

Now we’re cooling down. Tuesday morning, just as I was getting Salem out to the car for his vet visit, the freezing rain started.

Salem napping after we got home from his first round of vaccinations.

Luckily, my trip to the vet is almost all gravel.  It wasn’t bad driving down, but by the time I got to the highway on my way home, the vehicles were traveling really slowly, and two trucks had simply pulled off the road.  I decided to go a little farther, but stick with gravel.  I made it home, but my patio was already getting slick.

It covered the window in ice.

It was still raining (and freezing) in the early afternoon.  There was quite a bit of ice building up on the trees.  Thankfully, there wasn’t any wind.

Sky is hibernating in the house (just a quick run out to take care of business).

The goats haven’t been out to pasture, so as soon as I schedule this post, I’m going out to give them some hay.

Bambi, Popcorn, and Flora

Tomorrow, the temperatures are supposed to go down.  By Saturday, we’re expecting another round of snow and a high temperature of about 7°F.



At least we’ve had some pretty sunsets as a consolation to these weather challenges.


Our First Real Snow of the Year

11 Dec

Friday morning dawned beautiful with a pink sunrise.  (This is the view out of my classroom window–the gym is called the “Round House”)

By the time I got home, the rain had arrived.  The goats were trying for a last little bit of eating, but there was a drizzle and fog setting in.

Overnight it changed into snow.


Why, yes, it is still pitch black out when I go out to milk right now.

Zinnia headed back to the barn after getting milked.

By the time daylight broke, the clouds were gone and the sun was shining.

Coral in the Love Shack

There was a quick bit of ice as it changed from rain to snow.

It’s hard to see the sparkle of the ice in the tree tops.

The llamas were first to venture out to pasture.

Maybeline, Aurora, and Odie

It didn’t take long for the goats to come out too.

Xerxes coming out

The herd

I am so grateful the storm we had was just a mild snow.  My heart goes out to those who suffered such devastation from this system.