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Just In Time

17 Jun

I am getting behind in posting things again, but there’s just a lot going on right now.  I got the birds moved back to their proper home just in time.

I still have a bit of cleanup and outside work, but they are back.

We’re horribly hot now (like a large chunk of the country), and the greenhouse I had them in has no air movement and the sun shines in the door, so it is miserable hot.

Daisy in the doorway. Astra behind.

But I have them back in their breezy home.  And all of my work on the pen means I can leave the door open at night to help it cool down even more.

I’m not sure poor Mr. Peacock has fully recovered from the stress of moving again.

I have an accidental bonus from cleaning out their pen.  I decided it was time to remove the little pens my dad and I made when I got my first birds because it is really falling apart.

I’ve raised a lot of birds in there and nursed a lot of injured birds back to health.

I got it out of the building, but it’s upside down in the barnyard.  Well, the kids discovered it, so I added some cardboard and it’s an instant kid shade!

Margarita with five kids in the shade

Now the only problem is for the moms to get their kid(s) to come out.


Stay cool!

Summer Progress

16 Jun

Well, I am trying to make progress on that long list of things I need to get done.  I will say, the weather has not cooperated.

Maybeline standing in the mud.

We went from two years of not being able to get a drop of rain to a half an inch of rain every time they say there’s a slight chance for sprinkles.

But I’m still making progress.  I got the birds’ building all cleaned out and they were put back over there.

before new bedding has been put in there

Mr. Peacock quickly went back up to the rafters.

That gives my goat moms a lot more space.

Astra in front; Cutie in back

I hope to kick them out of the garage and get it cleaned out this week.

Flora in the garage with her new horn apparatus attached with Gorilla tape.

One thing I have not been able to do is get the deck sealed.  It just has to be dry when I do that.

Bob cat sitting in the corner of the deck to stay dry.

I have even had some people come in and do work on my house.  My leaks and drips have all been fixed.

new faucet

I also had to do more fence work.  Because every time Xerxes tries to reach over and eat the plum tree or lilacs, he busts my twine and falls into the yard.

Xerxes on the wrong side of the fence.

I actually used wire to fix it this time, so it should last longer.

Benji and Frodo are good boys.

It does also make it hard to find time to take pictures for the blog.  I’m trying though.

I might have disturbed Bob’s nap.

I’ll just keep on working on things the best I can between (or through) rain showers!

More Birds

24 May

I am really enjoying all of the wild birds this spring.  I have already overloaded you with bird pictures, but I just can’t stop taking more pictures.  So…


I need to wash my windows, but I couldn’t resist sharing him with his big maple seed.


lady blackbird

eastern meadowlark

Canada geese flying by

I can’t believe all the Baltimore orioles I’ve had.

The northern flicker landed in the tree right by me and then took off again.

There was a pair of Eastern kingbirds.

The red-bellied woodpecker was a long ways off, but I just love them.

I do love my domestic birds too.  Mr. Peacock is still dancing for everyone, and they still don’t appreciate him.

The girls are doing okay in the smaller greenhouse, but I really need to start getting their building cleaned out and the pen repaired.

brown leghorn

As much as she enjoys a clean bath, I don’t know why she keeps throwing all the junk in her pool.

I am ready to be done teaching for the summer.