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Cock-a-Doodle Nugget

13 Nov

Look at what has happened to that tail in the last couple of weeks.  The feathers are getting longer and getting the fringe.

Nugget and one of the nasty phoenix roosters

I’m afraid my little nugget has become a rooster.


Lady Nugget

25 Oct

I think my little nugget (who is not so little anymore) is a hen!  I think.

Nugget and her phoenix mom

At least there has been no attempted crowing yet, and I think she looks like a she.  She better be a hen.

Nugget on the Loose

30 Aug

The nugget has gotten big and brave and decided to go exploring outside the chicken pen.


There might be some dangers outside the pen.

Xerxes and Sam

Run, Nugget! Run!

Don’t worry.

Nugget made it back in with mama Phoenix.

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