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28 Jun

Just a few of the leftover pictures from around the farm.


Sidney’s boy, Frosty

Miss Goose with clean water!

Eastern Kingbird

Odie and Maybeline

Margarita, Terry, and Howie



Purl and Jethro



Sun shining through the cottonwood trees

Zinnia and Joy


Eastern goldfinch

Taking flight.

Hope you enjoyed.

Oriole Overload

14 May

When I got home Wednesday, my cherry tree had burst into full bloom.

It was filled with orioles.  At one time I saw at least four Baltimore orioles.

When I went out to get a little closer, I saw there were both Baltimore and orchard orioles.

They didn’t even care that I was out there.

Baltimore Oriole

It was wonderful to watch them out there.

A Friday Photo Dump

8 Apr

My cats love these cardboard scratching boxes.  They sleep in them and scratch on them.

Bob Cat

Mr. Peacock is so handsome.

Unfortunately, none of the girls with him think he’s as handsome as I do.  He just keeps dancing though.

This is a strange thing for me to include, but I have to say how excited I am getting for my genealogy vacation with my mom.  We started out with the idea of taking a tent in case we couldn’t get a hotel, but now we are actually talking about camping two or three nights for the fun of it!  This air mattress is tall enough it shouldn’t be too hard for her to get out of.

The only place I could find to test it out was on my bed.

Rosie and Purl out in the pasture.

Rosie and Purl

It looks like Tiger is judging me.

I really am looking forward to some long walks in pasture as the weather improves and doing a lot of birdwatching this spring.


And I had a hairy woodpecker on the oak tree.

On the days we had warmth and sunshine, the kids absolutely loved being outside.  They are already experts at basking.


Ostara and Brigit

Here’s to a beautiful weekend!