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A Whole Lot of Nothing

7 Jan

Astra and Perdita having leftovers for breakfast


another highly cropped cell phone image of the owl I saw last weekend

Sky waiting for me to finish chores


frost on the front door



icicles over the barn door

Onyx and Victoria

Tidbits and Observations

18 Dec

Just before Thanksgiving, I decided to go look at computers and cameras again because of the really old age of both of mine.  They still have no cameras (hopefully this spring as the supply chain gets worked out), but they actually had computers on sale.  I got one.  I’m really liking it.  I can actually ask it to do something and not have to wait forever for it to happen.

a Mac Book Pro

Since I got a laptop, I just sit at the kitchen table, and I don’t really need the computer desk and chair.  That makes Rocky happy because he doesn’t have to wait for me to get up to steal it.  Now it’s just his.


I can’t believe all the doves I have around here anymore.  Last summer I started hearing them all the time, and they are everywhere.

I miss my bird feeders.  I am tempted to see if I can put them back up now that Sky is five.  But I’d hate to have him just kill all the birds again until I figured out it still wasn’t safe.

My Christmas cactus is getting blooms!  That’s exciting because it’s been a while, and it usually blooms around Easter.

You know, I don’t usually talk about non-farm things, but I have to say, the last couple of years, it’s been hard to get motivated and have the energy to do anything.  Well, I figured out the cause.  I am now taking hormone replacement therapy, and the change is amazing!

The pen is cleaned up. Just one non-working heated bowl to cut the cord off and use as a feed pan.

A bonus of the girls enjoying a dust bath in the sun.

I love it!  I have energy and can get stuff done again.


11 Oct

Every year since I bought my farm, I’ve watched the eastern meadowlark population increase.  I have made some changes to make it better for the grassland songbirds to be able to raise families and increase their populations because we’ve seen a drastic decline in recent years.  This spring, I never saw a single eastern meadowlark.  I finally saw one, but no families out in pasture.

eastern meadowlark from 2020

I did some research and found out that unlike my bobolinks which winter in Central America, the meadowlarks hunker down and overwinter in the grasses here.  We had a horrible, horrible, arctic February that I think decimated the population.  It breaks my heart.  But Sunday when I was in pasture, I saw meadowlarks.  The pictures are horrible, but I am thrilled with them.

At least one clutch hatched and managed to survive.  Hopefully, we have a better winter and the population can rebuild.