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It’s Starting to Look Like Fall

5 Oct

This time of year, I really wish I had trees whose leaves turned brilliant colors.  Alas, mine generally just fade into brown.

Same tree a few days later (and Tony has moved between these two images) an a lot more brown.

Tony in the back, Xerxes and Aurora in front

Cinnamon under the tree

Luckily, I found some brightly colored leaves at my dad’s house!

I still have some splashes of color on my farm.  The flicker provides some.

northern flicker

The mallow is still going strong.  It doesn’t mind a cold, fall rain.  If we don’t get a hard freeze, it will keep blooming until Thanksgiving.

My corn is turning, but there’s still lots of bright green in the buffer strip.

I even managed to get a mini pumpkin from my garden!

Of course, Sky is my assistant photographer.  Boy, is he a great help!

I love this time of year.



14 Sep

Just some critters I’ve photographed around the farm in the last week or so.

Honeybee on chives

moth on goldenrod


northern flicker

red headed woodpecker



northern flicker

tree frog on my garage

This is a pretty time of year.

I Lost My Excuse

7 Jul

I started scooping out the Love Shack a while ago because it really needed it.

After about two scoops though, I was interrupted to go make bottles, and I don’t remember what all.

Harley, Gill (in front) and Enkidu

Then I came back and did about two more scoops before disovering why the barn swallows were so mad at me–even more than usual.  I figured newly hatched babies was a good reason to give it up for a while.

Then it got hot and rained and, and, and…  No more excuses!  The babies are nearly ready to fly the nest.

Even though mom and dad were still not happy with me, I figured the babies were fine without them for a short time.

Let’s face it.  I’m old and I take a lot more breaks than I used to.  I also had to quit because the goats came back up from pasture, and whenever the bottle monsters see me, it pretty much means I’m done doing anything but tripping over them.

Horus and Gilgamesh in front; Eve behind


I’m also pretty sure I’m going to more than fill my compost bin.  Of course, I already filled it up once with the stuff from one car stall out of my garage.  I guess, once it gets full, I’ll have to let is settle for a bit.  I’ll switch to shoveling out the other side of the garage because that is going to another location.

I’m pretty sure I can keep shoveling for quite a while before everything is cleaned out.

And, as of today, all the little barn swallow babies have flown the nest!