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Odie’s Turn

8 Jul

I’ve shared the rugs I’ve made from Maybeline’s cored yarn.  Next up is doing something with Odie’s roving!

I decided I wanted to make felted dryer balls.  They are supposed to be long-lasting and good for the environment.  They help your clothes dry faster and have fewer wrinkles and less static electricity.  I measured out my roving.

After measuring it out, I wound it into a ball.

Then they went into the pantyhose.  I managed to find a box of pantyhose that were probably twenty years old.  I figured it was about time to put them to use, and I obviously wasn’t going to wear them. After each ball was put in the pantyhose, I tied it off so the balls all had to stay separated.  I didn’t want them to felt to each other.

Then it was into the washer!  I have to admit, there was a little bit of me that thought it was crazy to throw all that llama wool into my washer, but what the heck!  Then I went down to take them out and see if they had felted.

Oops.  I’m guessing the twenty-year-old panythose was not a good idea.

I finally got the towel separated and could open one of the balls to check it.


Well, all but one was perfect. I’m glad it was just one that broke open.

They made it through the dryer, and now I have felted llama wool dryer balls for the soap room!

Up next is Buster or Tony roving…


Wet Finish

3 Jul

I finished my second rug from the cored yarn that made out of Maybeline’s fleece.

Before the tails were finished

That means it was ready for a wet finish.  The first one too.  I was absolutely clueless how to do a wet finish, but I did know it was necessary.  All the fibers in the rugs were loose.  They basically needed to be felted to make sure everything stayed in place.  I did some research and decided to try it.

I had a skirting table given to me, so I got it out and cleaned it off and set it on a couple of patio chairs.  This would be my drying rack.

Then, I got a new kiddie pool out and filled it with hot water.

It was straight out of the tap, but it was still hot enough that I really didn’t need Sky’s supervision.  When I was finished with everything, Sky had to sample the water.  Seriously?


I threw the first rug in and got it thoroughly wet and agitated it by swishing it around. Then I let it soak for a couple of minutes.  Agitated again and let it sit, and then I got it out and rolled it up to let a bit of the water out. (I forgot to take pictures of this part with the first rug, so you get the second one.)

Snickers thought I was a little crazy.


Then I took it to the washing machine.  I actually had to see if I had a setting on my washer that would let me just spin the water out.  I found drain/spin.  That works.

When it was done, I was a little afraid that I was going to open the washer to find a giant clump of nasty wet llama wool instead of my rug.  But it was perfect!  I took it out to put on the drying rack and did the second rug.

If I did it correctly, they are now truly finished!

I took the latest shearing to be processed, and this time, it’s all going to be done in this cored yarn.  I might be addicted.  Seriously addicted.  I  might need more llamas.

The New Knitting Obsession

15 Jun

I finally finished Maybeline’s rug.


I am happy with how it turned out, but I am afraid to use it.  I’d hate to get it dirty, and I know how hard the dog and my barnyard is on my floors.  And I still have to finish it so that it stays neat. I’m still trying to decide the best way to do that wet finish.

I want to do another rug with her cored yarn, but I want to do a big round one.  So I’m starting small.

I’m getting really good at coasters.

They actually work well too!

I tried a little bigger circle with a thicker yarn and my biggest double pointed needles.

It’s big enough you get to see the design (when the cat’s not sitting on it).

I am currently trying to figure out how to keep the edge from curling up when I finish it.  I think I figured that out.

The next step was to get giant double pointed needles.  My dad helped with that! I was going to use the yard stick to show you how big they are, but you can clearly see they are Snickers-minus-the-tail in length.  They would be considered 16mm needles.


I really wanted to do a test rug before using the cored yarn from Maybeline, so I foudn some super chunky yarn on clearance.

It was easy to start it.

Then it was time to go into the round and add the other two needles to the process.

That did require a bit more coordination.

You can see the difference from my coasters.  These two circles are at the same point in the process.  The coaster needles are 5mm.

Finally, it was done!

(before finishing the tail)

Snickers was helpful through the whole process.

Insepctor Snickers

I think I’m ready to start one with Maybeline’s wool!