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Spinning Wheel

11 Jan

I might have mentioned to my sister, who goes to a lot of auctions, that I would like a spinning wheel.  When one turned up, she asked how much I was willing to pay, and I told her.  Well, that wasn’t enough, but she kept bidding and paid the difference.  I do appreciate my sister.

She even delivered it for me!

I know nothing about spinning wheels, but it looks pretty.

I did see it is missing a little leather piece, and it seriously needs oiled.

I think I need some expert help.  Sky is trying, but he doesn’t seem to know much about spinning wheels either.  He does pretty good at cleaning though.


My First Yarn

16 Nov

I finished my first bit of yarn.  To do that, I had to have my dad help me make a niddy noddy.  It was really easy.  I didn’t have anything to do it, but whenever I want to buy something my dad tells me “Don’t buy anything.  I probably have what you need.”  So I called him.  He did not have PVC, but he did have Pex, and that worked.

I now have my very own niddy noddy!

I managed to get the yarn off the spindle and onto the niddy noddy.

Then I realized my sink was about a half inch too short, so I kind of made it fit.

But it wouldn’t stay down below the water, so I weighted it with a plate.

Hey.  It worked.  I got my finished yarn!

I really wanted to do something with it, but I’m not a much for yarn crafts.  I did learn how to knit in 4th grade (Thanks, Mrs. Steiert), but I don’t know whatever happened to my knitting needles.  I decided to improvise.

Don’t laugh!  It worked.

By Christmas, I might even be able to make a decent pot holder.