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More Rain

30 Oct

After a rainy last Sunday, we had more rain Wednesday and Thursday.  The amount of the state in a drought is decreasing.  Of course, I’m still in the area of severe drought, but I’m hoping the additional rain (not on this map) will at least put us back down to just a moderate drought.

It is the first time in ages we’ve actually had mud.




It was wonderful!

looking like fall

And it made for an extra enjoyable sunset Friday.

coming up from pasture at sunset

Our temperatures are also cooling down to more normal.

And in totally unrelated news, I made my last payment today on my acreage.  That means the house and garage

and barn and front pasture are all mine.

I’m dancing a happy dance today!


2 Sep

Yesterday, about the time my scheduled post was going up, the electricians finished hooking power up to my house!  I am so excited to simply have a light in the kitchen.

It did change quite a bit.  It comes over from the pole and down into the back porch.  There’s no more breaker box in the basement above the toilet (something about regulations).

Then it goes back up to the upstairs breaker box.

It also goes over to the well house.  I have well water for the critters again!

It also goes to the greenhouse.  Little Avril has light in there now.  (Sorry it’s so fuzzy; they wouldn’t stand still and pose.)  She also has her mom.

Avril and Astra’s tail

Astra’s udder was looking pretty full, so I decided she might be getting more from her mom than I thought.  I put Astra over there with her.

Avril is happier.  She is horribly weak yet, but the diarrhea is better.  I am also happier now, but it did take me forever to find Rocky again.  He was hiding in the basement ceiling.  What a chicken.

Sky and Rocky

I’m still moving back into the house from the soap room, and the electricians had to come back this morning to finish up the buried line to the garage, but things are really starting to get a bit more normal again.

Damage Report

21 Aug

This storm did a horrible amount of damage throughout the state; I really haven’t seen much except for my farm and small town.  That is bad enough.  I lost twelve trees; pretty much every other tree on the property suffered damage.

Four oaks went down on the front pasture.

I lost the walnut in the barnyard; luckily it missed the barn and the Love Shack.

I lost an oak in the middle of Dead Tree Hill.

A huge limb fell out of the cottonwood.

One of the pine trees was topped.

I am devastated that the magnolia was so damaged it will have to be removed.

The maple is the one that did most of the damage to my property.

maple tree just inside the barnyard fence

The huge limb and the gutter made it impossible to open the front door.

Once my family came to help clear the maple tree out of the front yard (and off the deck), we could really see how much damage their was to the house.

Dad with the chain saw outside my kitchen window

My house had some damage to the gutters.  The biggest issue with the house was my electric lines being pulled out of the house.  That one will take a while to fix. I am somewhere on an electrician’s list, but I am guessing it will be three to four weeks after the storm before those lines get put back.

These lines feed power to the house, the greenhouse and the well house.  Good thing I can use rural water from the spigot on the side of the house for watering animals.

The pole bringing electricity to my property snapped.  Of course that damaged my front fence.  Amazingly, none of my gates were damaged.

My deck has some holes in it, and it lost one side of the railing.

I lost my mailbox.

The greenhouse roof, garage roof and  barn roof were all damaged.  Who knew there were green shingles under the tin?  It also tore up a little of the corner of the cattle lean-to.

I have no idea how that piece of tin from the barn roof landed like this.  Seriously. It was between the hydrant and tub and nothing was moved out of place or damaged.

One limb went through the top of my bird’s pen, so it is open to the sky.  I currently have them shut in just half of it.

Then there’s the crop damage.  Honestly, most of my corn doesn’t look too bad compared to a lot of the fields around.

The line in the field in line with the blue spruce trees is a couple of rows that were completely broken off, but most of it should recover somewhat.

It’s a bit overwhelming to even think of it all.

Spoiler alert:  The electrician came today to see what it would take to get the electricity back to my house.  It is officially the biggest mess they’ve seen.  Part of that is storm damage and part of that is because it is original (1940ish?) wiring and updated (1970ish?) wiring that is all outdated.  They will have to bring it up to code, which means I have a huge mess–basically I’ll end up re-doing (most) all of the electricity in the house (because why wouldn’t I have them take care of the dead lights and outlets in the house), so yeah…  It will be another week or two before they can get back out to start fixing it.