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A Week Later

1 Aug

I planned on scooping the barn and Love Shack while we had cooler weather. Considering we’re into horrid heat again this week, it was a really good plan.

I started last Sunday, the 24th.  After my dad came out and helped we had most of the third section done that day.

The next day, I finished it up. Then, I worked on the middle section.  Odie was not happy that I removed one of the llama poop piles and was messing with the other one in there.


I completed my goal for that day.

On Tuesday, I decided to do the Love Shack.  I was throwing from the other side of the spreader and could get it all filled up that way.  But I forgot that I hadn’t scooped it out the last time I did the barn, so it was really full.  In fact, I had the manure spreader almost overflowing and had to stop.

But I still had some of the Love Shack left to scoop.

I took Wednesday off from scooping, but my nephew’s dad came and emptied it and brought it back for me.

I told you it was overflowing.

Thursday morning, I finished scooping out the Love Shack.  I literally just finished scooping when Zinnia came up to have her kids.

You can still see how that the concrete hasn’t even dried out, but I had the bale of straw beside me when I took the picture above.

Zinnia with Barbie while we were waiting on the vet.

Then I went back to the middle part.  I couldn’t quite get it done.

Friday I finished the second section, and I got a really good start on the first section.

But I just didn’t have any strength left to finish that little bit.

Dolly in the doorway

Saturday morning, I finished it.

I’m done!  I got the barn and Love Shack all scooped out this week.

Round Two

25 Jul

Now that the heat has broken for us and we are in much better weather (highs in the low to mid 80s), I am in a whirlwind round 2 of scooping manure.

Haley coming out of the barn.

I need to clean out the barn and the Love Shack by the end of the month because they sold this manure spreader, and I really need to get things cleaned out because goats drop a lot of pellets and waste a lot of food in my barns.

A lot of goats means a lot of manure.

It is not an easy task because it’s been three years since I scooped it out due to the horrible droughts.  It’s really hard to scoop when it’s too dry.

tools of the task

The llamas also make it more difficult because they make piles.  All of them share a pile that they use to go to the bathroom, and they have two of them in the part of the barn I’m cleaning out.


I’m trying to be positive about this and look at it as an intensive exercise routine to get back in shape.

Updates and Preparing to Leave

29 Jun

With mixing the herd together again, that means Moose is back on the side of the barnyard where the chicken pen is.


And he immediately decided to see if he could get in there.  He is such a brat.

Is it me, or is Odie using Ostara as a scratching post?  Never seen her do that to a goat before.

Ostara and Odie (Cinnamon in front)

Speaking of Ostara, she’s actually been letting me pet her again.  Most of the time.

I had to adjust my rhubarb’s cages.  My dog was peeing on it.

Hopefully the bigger space will help protect it from Sky.

Oh, I’ve also made progress on getting the deck sealed.

I still need to do another coat on the flat boards and I haven’t done the vertical ones yet, but the weather and everything else has made it difficult. By “everything else” I do mean goats.

While I’ve been working on the deck and front yard, I did some weed removal and created a rock garden.  It’s not done, but it should hold the weeds back while I’m gone.

I have the cattle tank up and running to try and make chores easier while I’m gone.

I’ve been working to get the garden in shape as well.  I even have someone kind enough to check it for me while I’m away.

Garden (in the process of finding everything)

I got the buck room scooped out.

It’s a good thing I finished because there isn’t really more room on the manure spreader.

I had to take frequent breaks because a pair of barn swallows had just hatched babies and they really needed me to not be in there so they could take care of the little ones.

At my age, I was more than happy to take long, frequent breaks.  For the babies, of course.

Xerxes seems to be a bit confused as to what happened to all that soft bedding (manure and hay) that he got to sleep on.


I even spent an evening testing out the tent and air mattress.

I am really getting excited for this trip!