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Too Much Energy

15 Apr

With the cold, miserable weather, we all just want to sit inside and try to stay warm.


Then there’s Sky.  He still is a bit wild and wants to play.  The cats and I just keep telling him to back off and go sit down. Unfortunately, he forgets to look before he sits.

Sky and Noelle

Sometimes he does settle down.

Good boy!

Then he gets too snuggly with his kitten.

Next thing you  know, it’s on!

These two are so silly.


The Project Continues

31 Mar

I am really making progress on the project of switching my library and bedroom.  I had furniture delivered this week.  I still need to replace the lamp that Rocky broke.  I’m thinking different curtains.

Rocky was quick to check everything out.  Luckily, he didn’t break anything this time.

He seems satisfied with it.

I love the way things are progressing!

I still have to clean my closet out from all the books stuffed in boxes–hopefully most will go up to the new library.  Sadly, I’m afraid that I’m going to find a lot of mouse damage.  That will get the laundry hamper and baskets out of the middle of the room.  Eventually, I’ll get Sky a nicer more comfortable bed.

Then I just need my dad to come help me hang the mirror.  It will be landscape orientation.

I don’t think I could have matched furniture to the mirror any better!


3 Mar

My posts all this past week were prepared last Sunday and scheduled because of parent-teacher conferences this week.  I worked late three days and by the time I finished chores, I was ready for bed, so I can give you a couple of updates.  Our good weather is holding, and Aurora is still doing well and enjoying some sunshine.  If she continues to gain weight, it won’t be much longer before I can let her out.  Buster noticed Aurora last night, and he was positively bucking and dancing his way up the hill to see her.  I feel bad that they have been separated this winter, but it won’t be much longer.

Buster and Aurora and Lily

Aurora’s abscess is healing.  I’m considering tempting my fate and seeing if I can get the halter off and clean it and her jaw and get the halter back on.

Hilda’s abscess popped which was extremely disgusting, but she is doing well.  It won’t be long until she has kids again.  I can’t believe we’re this close to spring break kids.


These two really both like the pillow.  Good thing it’s so big!  As you can see, I still have all kinds of furniture just randomly sitting around the house.

Snickers and Sky

The good weather also has the goats going out to pasture.  That’s a good thing because my hay supply is dwindling.

Although today they didn’t go out for very long and they still expect room service.