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30 Jun

I am really enjoying the birds this summer.  You know there’s going to be bobolink pictures.


Yep.  There were two males engaged in a little territory spat.

The juvenile eastern meadowlark was out there.

eastern meadowlark

The fritillary was enjoying the flowers in pasture.


I noticed this nest of barn swallows.

Two days later when I went out, this little one was sitting on the floor beneath the nest.  After a couple of pictures, s/he flew off.

barn swallow

It looks like the rest of them are about ready to fly away too.

The recent rains have made it easy for the butterflies, including the admiral below, to find a drink.

admiral butterfly

I also saw a red-tailed hawk being mobbed by the blackbirds.

red-tailed hawk and red-winged blackbird

I captured my first black swallowtail of the season.

Lots of things flying around out there!

Scenes From the Pasture

24 Jun

Here are a few scenes from my walk out in pasture the other day.

Mrs. Bobolink

Mr. Bobolink

Mr. and Mrs. Bobolink

honey bee with clover

Eastern meadowlark

the goats in pasture

Myson watching the rest of the herd

birdsfoot trefoil


I do love this lush time of year.

More Wild Things

20 Jun

There seems to be a whole family of killdeer living along my road.

I usually don’t get close enough to them to get even a crappy photo.

I was happy to get these images.

I had a red-headed woodpecker hanging out in the yard.

red-headed woodpecker

I don’t see many rabbits on the farm (Bob likes rabbit for breakfast), so I was happy to see this one.


A pair of barn swallows built a nest in the buck room.  They certainly didn’t leave much room between the nest and the ceiling.  That is going to get crowded with babies in there.

I hope you’re not tired of the bobolinks because I just can’t get enough of them.  Their song is wonderful, and the male is quite striking with his breeding colors.


Although, I do think his yellow cap is starting to fade.

Wild rose is Iowa’s state flower.

I have quite a few growing in the ditch this year.

They are pretty.  My favorite butterfly is the tiger swallowtail.

I’ve seen quite a few this year.

This one was the first who was cooperative about getting his/her photo taken.