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Fly Free Mama

15 Mar

I said good-bye to Mama Phoenix yesterday.  I believe she had a stroke about three weeks ago, and she’s been on the decline since then.  It’s hard to believe that she was just a couple months shy of six-years-old. Considering all she went through and the average lifespan of chickens is 3 – 7 years, I think she had a pretty good run.

Mama Phoenix  (5 May, 2014 – 14 Mar 2020)

I will miss her cheerful chattering in the kitchen, but I will always remember her as she was before her injuries.

Mama Phoenix and Nugget

phoenix hen

Nugget and Mama Phoenix

Fly free Mama.


6 Feb

Uno is doing well outside, but our weather has gotten colder, so he’s wearing his coat and enjoying the heat lamp at night.


Wanda is still getting the meds for her back injury.  She’s hanging in there, but she’ll probably be on the meds until after she kids.  Poor girl.


Mama had routine maintenance–she had to be powdered for bugs.  Poor girl was getting itchy, but she’s much better now.

Mama Phoenix

And Blaze is looking like she’s going to give me my next oopsie babies quite soon.


She looks ready.

My Lovelies

31 Jan

Just some of my lovely ladies.


Harley with Marge in the background




And we can’t forget Mama.

Mama Phoenix

They make me smile.