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Just Some Thoughts

23 Aug

Sometimes, I see a goat or llama and panic because I think they are dead or stuck.  One example of that happened when I was going through the barn the other day.  See Flower.

Tansy in the doorway; arrow pointing to Flower

Well, she looked horrible.  But, she was actually just hanging out back there.

I don’t know why they like to stand behind that door, but there’s several of the goats who hang out there.

I’m not sure he’s looking good, but Mr. Peacock is looking naked.

one long feather is still attached; the rest are just lying there.

It only took about a week for the majority of his feathers to fall out.

He’s still handsome.

In good news, the stinking chamomile that I’m so allergic to is dying down.  I’m hoping the birds will keep it eaten down next summer.

brown leghorn

Sometimes I wonder why goats don’t like me.  I worked so hard to tame down Ostara.  She does like being petted and butt scrubbies, but most of the time she prefers not to be touched.  She’s a gingerbread goat (run, run, as fast as you can; you can’t catch me; I’m the gingerbread goat).

Ostara enjoying betting petted and looking annoyed at the same time.

Then, there’s Brigit.  I would pet her sometimes when I was trying to tame Ostara, and she’s actually nicer than Ostara.


And Zora is still as wild as can be.

Zora is even beyond a gingerbread goat; she just wild.

Goofy goats. Whatever.  I need more wild goats, don’t I? No. I don’t. I want nice goats.  In fact, if Trace doesn’t get bred this year I’ll think about selling her.


I really am tired of wild goats.  And she used to take a bottle from me!  Seriously.

Come On Spring

9 Mar

I am truly ready for spring.  I mean real spring.  Last week’s nice weather has made me greedy for warmth and sunshine.


Unfortunately, in my greed, I brought home flowers to make the house more cheerful.

With strong south winds and getting my face (eyes and nose) full of hay, the flowers and their wonderful scent was the final straw that pushed me into some serious allergy issues.


At least our cold and north winds are keeping my allergies from getting worse, but I can’t seem to shake the cough and congestion. I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday, and I went to the doctor this morning. He made me do a covid test, so I’m home until I get the results (I’m 99.9% sure it’s allergies).  I’m hoping I’m better before we start kidding.

Dolly Ann Street

That’s what I get for trying to enjoy flowers. And the flowers were also too much of a temptation for some kitten.  He dumped the vase because I had to put them as far away from where I spend time as I could.


Now they get to sit in my sink.

I swear.  This is NOT how I wanted to go into kidding.  Thank heavens there’s only six girls to have babies.

Spring Is Trying to Kill Me

7 May

My wonderful, productive spring has pretty much ended.  Spring allergies are trying to kill me.  It’s so pretty out there, but I have to wear a mask anytime I go outside.


It makes it hard to spend time with the goats.


I would love to spend hours out there taking pictures of all the blooming trees and honey bees.

But it really isn’t a good plan right now.

I’m also afraid we’re going to freeze tomorrow night and ruin a lot of fruit crops.  That would be sad.

I really need to mow my yard, but that sound like a lot of sneezing.

Sky in the tall grass.

I don’t remember the last time my spring allergies were this bad.