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On My Walk

29 Aug

On my walk to take pictures for the blog and check Maybeline (still no cria) and the goats,


I get to see lots of other things too.



Sometimes, I even get them to sit still long enough to take a picture.


red-headed woodpecker

hawk feather?

Luckily, we’ve had beautiful weather for walking in pasture.


16 Aug

It’s that time of year when the peacocks start losing their tail feathers.

Every time I go out there, I’m picking up a handfull.

Soon they will be naked!

They’re still beautiful even when they don’t have their long tails.

Dancing Fools

29 Apr

The two peacocks are really into showing off their tails and dancing for the girls right now.  Of course, the only girls they have to dance for are the chickens.

They are quite unimpressed.

I think they’re handsome though.

They can dance for me every day.