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Friday Afternoon Leftovers

15 Oct

Just a bit of stuff from around the farm:

Antigone looks really good after a year off from having babies.

Mrs. Goose

She’s molting right now.

Hilda and Purl. I think Purl is happy her little brother and sister are shut away.

Maybeline and Aurora

Mr. Peacock

He’s starting to grow his feathers back in.


My sweet girls–Haley and Pretzel

We are trying to get back to normal after all the repair work from the derecho. (Sky)

Growing Feathers

25 Nov

I shared that Mama Phoenix started molting when she came into the house, and, thankfully, she’s slowing down on losing feathers.

Mama Phoenix

She’s not completely naked, but she still looks kind of ragged though.

She’s starting to grow new feathers in.  It can be kind of uncomfortable because it’s like straws growing through the skin.  Each feather is wrapped in a casing as it grows.  As the bird preens, it breaks the casing loose and it comes off.  You can see the two feathers in the top of the picture below that are starting to look like paint brushes where the casing is just starting to loosen.

Mama is at a distinct disadvantage with not having a beak.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s casing detritus all over the table, but she’s not having a lot of success getting them cleaned off.

The hardest are those tiny feathers on the top of her head.

I found something to help her.
I just gently rub her with the scotch pad to help loosen them.  She seems to like it.

Mama Feathers

9 Nov

Do you see that pile of feathers that looks like Sky grabbed Mama?

Mama Phoenix

She’s molting!  I swear, with all the feathers she’s got sitting on the table and all the feathers I’ve swept up, I don’t know how she’s not totally naked.  Hopefully, she’s not going to do a full molt.

Usually, they molt based on changes in the number of hours of light they receive.  I suppose bringing her into the house with the bright light on in the evening might have done it.  I’m sure it was also a big stress moving inside with the dog and cats for roommates.  Stress can trigger a molt also.

Other than losing feathers, she’s doing well and seems content in the house.