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Going Into the Weekend

2 Sep

I am so glad this is a three-day weekend.  I need it.  I have a lot of that catching up to do again.

some of the canning I’ve done

I also wanted to mention that the reason Mr. Peacock is looking so bad is because he’s molting. I get so used to the rhythms of the farm that I forget to give explanations.

He’s lost almost all of his tail now, even the little ones since I took this picture.

The goose has also been doing her annual molt.

It’s just a lot harder to notice since she’s not losing a really long tail.

You don’t even notice her short wing feathers that she’s growing back in.

Just my dog.  I took this to share on FB for national dog day. Am I the only one who wonders when all these national days were created?


Salem and Herbie are having way too much fun together.  It reminds me very much of how much fun Tiger and Salem had not too long ago.

Salem and Herbie

I’m still having a hard time knitting with all the expert help.

Helper Herbie

And all the tomatoes too.  I just haven’t had time.  But I am currently working on a fringed scarf.  Then I’ll add a hat and mittens to match.

Because I keep gaining knitting stuff, I decided I needed a better way to store all my stuff, so I bought a little cabinet for it.  I just love the cabinet!

Finally, my house is really looking a lot smaller. All six of my boys were lounging in the house.  I really need to quit gaining cats.

Bob and Herbie; Rocky, Tiger and Sky; Salem in the back

Hope you have a great weekend.

Just Some Thoughts

23 Aug

Sometimes, I see a goat or llama and panic because I think they are dead or stuck.  One example of that happened when I was going through the barn the other day.  See Flower.

Tansy in the doorway; arrow pointing to Flower

Well, she looked horrible.  But, she was actually just hanging out back there.

I don’t know why they like to stand behind that door, but there’s several of the goats who hang out there.

I’m not sure he’s looking good, but Mr. Peacock is looking naked.

one long feather is still attached; the rest are just lying there.

It only took about a week for the majority of his feathers to fall out.

He’s still handsome.

In good news, the stinking chamomile that I’m so allergic to is dying down.  I’m hoping the birds will keep it eaten down next summer.

brown leghorn

Sometimes I wonder why goats don’t like me.  I worked so hard to tame down Ostara.  She does like being petted and butt scrubbies, but most of the time she prefers not to be touched.  She’s a gingerbread goat (run, run, as fast as you can; you can’t catch me; I’m the gingerbread goat).

Ostara enjoying betting petted and looking annoyed at the same time.

Then, there’s Brigit.  I would pet her sometimes when I was trying to tame Ostara, and she’s actually nicer than Ostara.


And Zora is still as wild as can be.

Zora is even beyond a gingerbread goat; she just wild.

Goofy goats. Whatever.  I need more wild goats, don’t I? No. I don’t. I want nice goats.  In fact, if Trace doesn’t get bred this year I’ll think about selling her.


I really am tired of wild goats.  And she used to take a bottle from me!  Seriously.

Friday Afternoon Leftovers

15 Oct

Just a bit of stuff from around the farm:

Antigone looks really good after a year off from having babies.

Mrs. Goose

She’s molting right now.

Hilda and Purl. I think Purl is happy her little brother and sister are shut away.

Maybeline and Aurora

Mr. Peacock

He’s starting to grow his feathers back in.


My sweet girls–Haley and Pretzel

We are trying to get back to normal after all the repair work from the derecho. (Sky)