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Some Odds and Ends

27 Sep

I am off to the farmer’s market tonight, so I’m just sharing a couple of pictures that I haven’t shared yet.


wild aster

Joy is letting me touch her most days now!

Hopefully, I’ll have more time to take pictures and do blog-worthy things this weekend.

My Pasture Walk

17 Sep

I will say, the hot weather makes it hard to get the goats to just show up at milking time.  Last week, I had to go bring the girls up several times.  One day, I even took my camera when I went to get them.

Maybeline and Odie

Socks (with Maggie in the back)

northern flicker

Penelope with Annie and Socks in the back

It is beautiful, but I think those girls should just come up when it’s time to milk and not make me go after them.

Surprise Lilies

27 Aug

One of my favorite flowers here on the farm are the surprise lilies.  They are such a pretty flower, but they are poisonous–every bit of them.

That leaves me a little concerned because they are planted along what used to be the garden.

Now I have goats up there.

Can you see Snow White, and Vinnie’s kids?

Most times, they are smart enough not to eat things that will hurt them if they have plenty of food.  While the garden area is eaten down, I am also giving them hay and sweet feed every day.  You can see some of the left-over hay in the picuture below.  Hopefully, it will start grass growing there next spring.

Tink and Angela

I’d dig the bulbs out and move them, but I can’t dig that deep.  I’ve tried moving them before, and I can’t get down to the bulbs.

I’ll just keep hoping they are smart enough to leave them alone.

So far, in all the years I’ve had yard goats and now with it as part of the barnyard, that’s worked.