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Llama Babies: Plan B

26 Nov

Since I was obviously wrong about when Odie and Maybeline were due to have crias, I’ve had to come up with a plan B.  Although Maybeline is really getting round.

Maybeline and Odie

I’m a little worried about the cold weather because I looked back to when I removed Llenny from them.  It was January 26th.  That means they could go another month or more before having their babies.

While they do have the insulated buck room, they have really made a mess in there.

Stinking llama poop pile.

Guess what I did?

I set posts in concrete in five gallon buckets.  Then I used them to put a fence across my garage.

All I have to do is open the buck room door, and they can walk right on in.  I cleaned out the whole side where the Ranger is usually parked.  Maybeline has been too shy to come in so far.

Odie had no problem coming right in to check things out.

She even sampled the hay that was in there to make sure it is to her liking.  Now when it gets cold, I can shut them inside!

I have arranged corn stalk bales to be brought so that we don’t give a cria a concussion by falling onto a concrete floor.

I think we’re about as ready as we can be.  Come on girls!


The Making of an Oopsie Baby

12 Nov

It’s been one of those falls that make me want to pull my hair out and wonder why I do this.  I had wormy June babies, and it was all the boys.  I wormed them, and we’re past it, but it meant I couldn’t sell them until after the withdrawal date for the wormer.  Then the weather has been cold on the weekends, Margarita was taking my time, and, and and…

Fionn, Sam, Sidney, and Colt

Well, now Sidney came into heat and got bred.  I will actually end up giving her and all the little girls a shot so they don’t settle because some are too young, and I’m not having first time moms kid while I’m still working.  Those boys have to go next weekend.  No matter what.


2 Nov

I am watching all of my girls this week to see who comes into heat because it’s been three weeks since they were with the bucks.


So far, I have seen Vixen, Stormy and Zinnia come into heat. That’s okay because the first two are retiring and Zinnia won’t get put with a boy until January.


I did think Ava might have been in heat when I saw her hanging out by Xerxes.

Ava and Xerxes

Then I realized she was just being a greedy piggy eating his dinner with him.

Silly girl.