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Holy Mother of Oopsie Babies

6 Mar

I’ve had a hard time this year deciding who settled for spring break babies and then why I didn’t see several girls come into heat when I put them back in with Fionn for June kids.  It’s just been hard.  Lots of udders that are small, which isn’t unusual for such a cold winter.  But last week, I noticed that Pistol looked like she was gaining weight.


Usually, this time of year, they start losing their winter fat, and she hasn’t had any winter fat to lose with the rough winter.  Sunday, I did a quick udder check.  She’s definitely making an udder.

Two years ago, she had oopsie babies when Fionn bred her through the fence.  Granted, oopsie babies are cute, but still…  I like to know when they are coming.

Tommy and PJ

I do remember when I had the girls with Fionn for spring break breeding, Pistol and Fionn were making out through the fence, but what are the chances he’d do that again?

Then I remembered that I had a horrible fall.  I couldn’t manage to get rid of the last of my little bucks.  I had Colt, Biscuit and Butter with the girls way longer than they should have been.   I was a bit worried, but most of the time they were sick with worms (part of why they weren’t sold sooner).

Reva watching Colt, Biscuit and Butter on Farina

When I shut the boys in, I ended up giving all my little girls a shot.  That was the last I thought about it.

Fionn, Sam, Sidney, and Colt

Now that I figured out Pistol is pregnant, I started thinking about when I removed the little bucks.  Even though I saw Haley and Victoria come back into heat after attempting to breed them for spring break kids, but I haven’t seen them come back into heat after that one time–not even when they were with Fionn to try and make June babies.  That started making sense.  They kind of feel like they are making an udder, especially Haley, but it isn’t anywhere near as big as I think it should be.  I’m guessing that means they are due three weeks later.



But, as I was going through the files to find a picture of my little bucks, I found this gem that shows Victoria making out with Sam.  And look!  It’s after I shut the two little boys in.  I have no idea who is due and who is not.  Or when they might be due.

Colt, Butter, Sam and Victoria

Harley had been given a shot, but she never came into heat when I was trying to breed for spring break babies.  That means, even though I didn’t see it, she probably came into heat the next week.  I’m guessing she might be due about four weeks after spring break.  Again, I didn’t see her come into heat when she was with Fionn to make June babies.  But sometimes it’s hard to notice when it’s cold and the days are short.


Vinnie also feels like she’s making an udder, and I never saw her come into heat for June babies when I had her shut in with Sam.  Because I hadn’t given her a shot to bring her into heat for spring break babies (because I couldn’t catch her), I don’t know what her heat cycle was.  I have no clue when she might be due.  To make it harder, Vinnie, Haley, Harley, and Pistol all had kids on them fairly late in the season, and it takes a while for their udders to go back down in size.  That is part of what I’ve been trying to decide with a couple of the girls–newly developing udder or drying up.


Then it makes me wonder about Ava.  I hadn’t felt an udder on her until a couple weeks after I started feeling everyone else’s udders.  That means they might have bred her too, but I doubt it.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see if she has babies over spring break.  If not, she’ll be due three weeks later.


Same thing with Annie (who is an oopsie baby herself).  She almost feels like she’s starting to make an udder now, but she didn’t feel like it at all a week ago.  I was pretty certain about calling her open (and just fat).  Now I’m not so sure.


Basically, I’m saying I have not a clue who is having spring break babies, who might be bred for the next month, and who will have June babies.

Ava and Harley

I can say with Pistol and any of the girls who have kids other than on spring break if the kids have wattles, they belong to Colt; if the kids are polled, they belong to Butter; if the kids have horns and no wattles, I have no clue who they belong to.

Colt and Butter

It could be an interesting next month or so trying to figure it all out.  This is why I try to practice good animal husbandry skills.  Obviously, this year was an epic failure.


Unmixing the Goats

29 Jan

You might have guessed from my three little girls’ letter that I removed the girls from their pens with the bucks.  It had been right at three weeks, so they should have all had a chance to come into heat.  If not, I’m not kidding into July, so they’ll get the year off or retire.  I really do wish the goats could make things easier when we try to do things like this.  The three little girls really did make it difficult to get them out of the pen with Xerxes, but I did finally entice them to come out.

Dolly with girls Sidney and LilyAnn

Haley and Harley were easy to get out of the buck pen with Fionn.  Victoria and Reva were not too bad.


Cookie was a pain.  She ended up hanging out with Fionn by herself for a while.


I caught Sam and trimmed his hooves before I put him back up with Xerxes.  I just left the Love Shack gate open, and that means Vinnie was back with the rest of the girls.


Then I finally got Cookie to come out.

Finally, that meant all the girls were back in the main barnyard where I wanted them!

Unfortunately, it was late enough in the day by the time I got all of this done that the goats didn’t go back out to pasture.  That means I had to leave Fionn all by himself for the night.


I wasn’t about to try to walk him through the whole herd after the fat boy wethers tried playing with Sam while I was walking him.

Myson and Casey (aka brothers from another mother)

Because those boys were really wound up with all the changes going on.

Dear Human

27 Jan

I know we’ve been begging for weeks to be let out of this pen so we can rejoin the big herd.  I know we’ve been trying to fit through the gate.

Xerxes, Zinnia, Sidney, and LilyAnn

But the second you open the gate and tell us we have to come through, it’s not going to happen.  We are goats.  We do not listen to what you tell us to do.  No siree!  No way!

Oh, and about those broken fingernails you’re blaming on us.  We really don’t care.


Sidney, LilyAnn, and Zinnia