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Hanging With the Goats

30 Nov

Hanging with the goats is one of the best ways to keep track of their health and decide who has settled for kids and who hasn’t.  Two girls in particular were on my must be bred list–2TC and Trace.  They will both be three this year, and neither one has had a kid.

2TC (I think is bred)

Part of that is the odd breeding last year, and Benji was young the first time I tried breeding them. So I get it.


But Trace came back into heat again.  I will give her one more chance to get bred for this June, and I don’t know what I’ll do with her if she doesn’t get bred.  I’m not against goats who are strictly pets, but she is not easy to maintain.  She’s always one of the last ones to get caught for copper and hooves.  If they are going to be a pet, I want to be able to touch them.

Pluto was in love with her.

I really haven’t seen many others come back into heat from the ones bred for March, but I’ll find out this week who settled for April.

Flora I think is due for March

We’ll see if Tansy settled for Easter.

LilyAnn seems to have settled when Benji busted out.

Pretty sure Onyx will be one of the last girls to give me Freddie babies.

It’s looking like there will be plenty of spring babies.

The Kidding Outlook

17 Nov

I might have a record number of kids next year.  I mean, I’ll have to wait to know for sure–especially for Easter weekend kids.  Right now, it looks like there will be a lot of babies.  Poor Xerxes is looking like he won’t have any kids this year.

Poor Xerxes

Freddie seems to have bred all three of his girls for March: Onyx, Purl, and Perdita.


Frodo seems to have bred Penelope for spring break.

Penelope is tentatively due March 16th.

Benji was a rock star for March.  I think he bred Athena, Trace, Hilda, Aphrodite, and Ostara.


Then he got out, and I believe he bred Cutie, Zinnia and LilyAnn.


I was also afraid he bred Maisie.  She looks really good, so if he did breed her like I thought he did, she would have kidded, but it looks like she finally came into heat.  That is better.

Maisie is tentatively due March 16th.

The other old girls have had shots to prevent them from kidding.

Dolly with her last kid, Pluto

In all the craziness of trying to get Easter kids, if Benji and Freddie combined managed to breed everyone I saw in heat, that would give me a lot of babies in one weekend.

Frodo and Benji

I saw Joy, Ava, Antigone, Tansy, Rosie, Venus, Bubbles, Flora, Daisy, Caroline, 2TC, Hera, Sidney, and Cupid all in heat.


That only leaves Pretzel, Chiffon, and Astra that I didn’t see in heat.  I will try Pretzel for June, and we’ll see about the other two.

Pretzel and Frodo have to give me my perfect kid.

They might get a year off.

Easter Breeding

13 Nov

I shared that I had a plan to have a bunch of girls kid over my long Easter weekend (with the help of my sister).  The first step was sorting off my old ladies and the little girls.  I managed to get them all penned up north.  I even got the little bratopotamus Zora!

Zora hiding behind her maa, Daisy

I put my plan into action by putting Benji with the girls.

Benji looks rough; I think it’s the copper. Hopefully wethering him will help.

Then I waited and watched to see who came into heat. Sidney was first. Then it got wild.  In about two day’s time, Ava, Joy, Antigone, Daisy, Flora, Bubbles, Tansy, Hera, Cupid, Caroline, Rosie and Venus all came into heat.


The only one I was not expecting to come into heat that did was 2TC.


But Benji was very ambivalent about his job.  I would come out in the morning to find three or four girls hanging out by the fence with Xerxes and Freddie and Frodo, and Benji would be curled up napping.

Xerxes and Freddie did not think it fair that they didn’t get girls.

One day, I threw Antigone in with Freddie and Pretzel. The next day, I put Flora in there.

Flora (after everyone was back to normal)

Then I just gave up and let Frodo out with everyone.  He was happy.


I put Benji back in the greenhouse and since Popcorn couldn’t quit fighting with Frodo, he got put in there as Benji’s company.

Popcorn liked room service

I can’t guarantee who bred anyone except the few who came into heat after I penned Benji, but I hope a lot of them settle for Easter.

Hera came into heat on that last day when only Frodo was out.

Because fewer hormones floating around out here will make life much easier.