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6 Aug

My plan when I kept Freddie was to breed him to Hilda and get a buck.


My plan worked perfectly!

Hilda with newborn Frodo.

With my sweet and beautiful Rosie as a bonus.


After getting the buck I wanted, the plan was to sell him.  But I kept him as a backup to make sure Frodo grew up (you know copper and worms and all).  Now that Frodo is grown, I have no need for Freddie.

Frodo getting big and ready to breed–he got the best of Freddie and Hilda.

Honestly, I have too many bucks.

Benji is my new blood.

Xerxes–how I wish I could sell him.

But I can’t part with Freddie.  He’s my last baby from Fionn.


Freddie is a sweet, goofy boy. I might try to breed him to a couple of girls this fall, but I really have no need for him as a buck.

So, I’m going to see if I can’t get him wethered this fall and he’ll just become a pet.

Because I’m a horrible livestock farmer.

A Two Doe Kidding Day

9 Jun

Tuesday evening, I checked the girls before bed, and wondered about both Astra and Penelope.

I checked at 2:00.  I decided to check again, so I went out at 3:30.  I still wondered if they were going to seriously get down to business.

Then I came out at 6:00, and I still wasn’t sure.  When I went back out at 6:30, Penelope had a baby.

Gonzo all cleaned off

I carried him over to the Love Shack, and I kicked Chiffon and her babies out.

Chiffon, Masey, and Mooch

It wasn’t long after that that I too Astra over and shut her in with Penelope.

in labor

I checked her all day, and late in the afternoon, I pulled her twins.

They are both big–a boy and a girl.

white boy with wattles

brown girl without wattles

I should have a couple of days to relax before the next round.

Whose Next

22 Apr

Venus having that cute little oopsie baby has me concerned.  I had in my records that I hadn’t seen her in heat when I put her in to be bred for June babies.

Venus and Cody

I also have Purl and Margarita as not coming into heat even though I thought they should.  That means I just did some udder checks.  Margarita is definitely not kidding earlier than June.  I’m not sure she’s even having kids in June.  She might just have the year off, and I’m fine with that.


Purl is clearly making an udder.  I guessed her due date as June 6th based on the last time I saw her in heat; however, if she got bred (through the fence) on the last time I saw her come into heat, she would be due on May 17th.  I’m not sure because she’s got quite the little udder going on.


Just for comparison, I checked Caroline.  I know she was in with Xerxes twice–Making her due May 4th or May 9th.  Her udder is just barely starting.  I mean, she’s not that far away, so I’m almost a bit concerned with her.


It’s to the point that I’m almost happy that I know when Tansy broke in with the buck and she’s making a nice udder and I expect her to have her babies just like I expect.


I’m not a fan of the whole randomness we’ve had this year.  And hopefully, it will be warm enough to not put them in the garage by the time we get to the first week of May.