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Snowy Day

24 Dec

I’m posting early because I’ll have my whole family here this evening.  With all the warm weather and mud, I really did not expect a white Christmas, but look.  It started snowing mid morning while the goats were out in pasture,

goats in snow_9081ew

and we’ve had a good inch or so.

snowy fence post_9095ew

Xerxes was not impressed.  He was content to watch from the doorway of his shed.



Finally, the goats came back up from pasture.

goats in snow_9108ew

goats in snow_9110ew

goats in snow_9122ew

I must say, it does make the day much more festive.  Here’s wishing all those who celebrate the holiday a very merry Christmas!

Please come back tomorrow when I reveal the details of the new linky party I’m starting.  The first linky will be live on New Year’s Day.  I do hope you’ll come and join me for some fun.  Sharing with Good Fences and Skywatch Friday.