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What Season is It?

20 Dec

I am really having a hard time believing we’re so far into December.  I haven’t even thought of Christmas (probably because we don’t have little kids in the family for Santa to visit), and our weather is much more reminiscent of September or October.  That means I am totally cheating on this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday list.  The items are: mittens, home, tis the season, memory and sparkle/festive.

I have only needed mittens a couple of times this year, and I lost my gloves for those days.  Luckily I found them today, now that I don’t need them for the foreseeable forecast.  That means, I’m sharing Snickers.  He really does have one mitten and half of another.  They’re just tucked in, and you can’t see them.



This is the back side of my new garage.  You can see the open door into the boys’ home.  They really do like it.  I am still waiting for the weather to cooperate so we can finishing sculpting that steep hill and make it more gradual, so it doesn’t all wash away.

Buck Shelter_9057ew

Tis the season for big family meals.  Someone says, “Don’t even think goose.  Go get a turkey.”


I have so many great memories out in the Back Forty.  I enjoy every day I get to go make more memories out there with the goats and Llenny.



It doesn’t look like winter out there.  The grass is green, and the water is still running.  It was sparkling in the bright sunshine today.

Goat Drinking_9035ew


While it was not seasonable, it was quite enjoyable.  I do hope everyone has a great week, whether you are celebrating or not.