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It’s Starting to Look Like Fall

5 Oct

This time of year, I really wish I had trees whose leaves turned brilliant colors.  Alas, mine generally just fade into brown.

Same tree a few days later (and Tony has moved between these two images) an a lot more brown.

Tony in the back, Xerxes and Aurora in front

Cinnamon under the tree

Luckily, I found some brightly colored leaves at my dad’s house!

I still have some splashes of color on my farm.  The flicker provides some.

northern flicker

The mallow is still going strong.  It doesn’t mind a cold, fall rain.  If we don’t get a hard freeze, it will keep blooming until Thanksgiving.

My corn is turning, but there’s still lots of bright green in the buffer strip.

I even managed to get a mini pumpkin from my garden!

Of course, Sky is my assistant photographer.  Boy, is he a great help!

I love this time of year.


Acorn Season

2 Oct

Usually, the first place the goats go when they head out to pasture is this tree.  It’s a pin oak.

They are looking for acorns beneath it.


They all seem to think they are yummy.  There’s also a natural wormer (so I’ve heard), so I guess it’s okay.

As long as they don’t eat too many, it should be fine.

Haley (behind) and Zinnia

Too many can be toxic though.

A Mostly Finished Fence

17 Sep

Last weekend (or last Monday morning if you want to be accurate), my nephew finished the fence in the Back Forty.  It looks amazing!

We just need to find time to get the clips on.  We’ll see when I have time some weekend to get that done.  Even without the clips all on, the fence works.  The goats haven’t been on those hills by where the coyotes live.

Cookie (and Haley behind)

Although, since I’m home this weekend, I did open it up for them.  Caroline was the first to see me open it.

Sweet Caroline

It wasn’t long before the others came running.

Then they took off to go eat at the summer barn.

It also seems to have the llamas and goats hanging a bit closer together.  At least part of the time.

I just hope it will keep them safe from the coyotes.