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Another Hoarfrost Morning

21 Jan

I woke this morning to another very white day.  There was fog and hoarfrost.

even the icicles have hoarfrost on them

could barely see the windmill up north

Penelope eating a corn leaf

Frodo looking through a spiky gate

Sky–his jolly ball stands out against all the white

old oak leaves that didn’t fall to the ground

blue jay in the plum tree

sparrow in the maple tree

leftovers from the rain/ice/snow storm we had–now covered in hoarfrost

I will say it makes for beautiful scenery.

What They Do In Pasture

16 Jan

This time of year, the goat don’t really go too far out in pasture, but there’s plenty to do on that first hill.  Obviously, they eat, which means I can cut back on their hay.

Pretzel with a corn leaf

Ostara nibbling grass

They rub against the fence.



Ava going for the chin scratch

They scratch their horns/faces on the shrubs.

Victoria (she has picked up weight, but still needs a bit more)

They scare innocent squirrels.

Venus eating while the squirrel runs

Wondering why he’s been invaded and hoping they don’t eat the walnuts.

They might do a little fighting.

Hilda was rubbing on Wanda but decided, since her horn was already there, she might as well poke her.

They wear off a lot of energy! That’s a good thing.

Out to Pasture

15 Jan

The goats have been doing a whole lot of standing around and doing nothing.  This weekend, we are once again well above our historic average temperatures.  So this morning when I saw them staring, I knew what was up.

Staring at the barn door while everyone gathers

They soon headed out to pasture. It was an energetic group–young, old, and in between were all ready to get out of the barnyard.

Onyx and Sidney

Maisie and Daisy

Flora and Heidi

The llamas have been going out to pasture most days because it’s easier to hike through snow than share hay with goats.

Maybeline and Odie head off on their own

But look who else decided to join the herd.

Ms. Goose (she didn’t go far, but she did get out there a little ways)

Once they made it out of the barnyard and everyone was gathered together again, they headed down the hill.

They headed back up the hill when they saw me, but they went back out when I came in the house.

Hopefully, they wear off some of that energy that they’ve been using to fight and be naughty.