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Still Improving

4 Nov

It has been hard to try and get Margarita out with the rest of the herd because of work and weather. Today she was looking wistfully out to pasture where the rest of the herd was browsing.


It’s been cold enough that I put a heat lamp in the Love Shack so she could snuggle down and stay warm, but it was warmer today (but damp).

I decided it would be a good afternoon to come out.  She seemed to be happy to stretch her legs and get some loving.

Biscuit was checking her out.  It’s been a while since they were together.

Biscuit and Margarita

She saw her mom.  Of course, the first thing she wanted to do was nurse, but you can tell she knew her mom wasn’t going to let her.

Margarita and Maggie

Finally, they went out to pasture again.  She hurried to get past Harley without getting hit.

Margarita and Harley

Finally, there was green stuff to eat.

That’s what she needs.  When you see her with the other kids, it’s obvious that she still has a lot of muscle to regain.

Margarita and Caroline

She is still improving though.


Margarita Back With the Herd

29 Oct

I decided to let Margarita out of the Love Shack pen today for a little bit.  By the time I had run to the house for my camera, they had all gone out on the front pasture.

There she is!


I think she was happy to be out.  I still can’t believe all the wounds on her little neck.

Of course, Vanna had to do it.  She butted Margarita in the butt.  Later, when Margarita had wandered a bit away from me, Vanna came on a run and knocked her down.  Brat.

It didn’t seem to bother Margarita, but it started sprinkling, so I carried her back up to the Love Shack.

I’ll keep trying to let her out a little at a time to build up some strength.


23 Oct

Monday hit with a vengeance.  I’ve got nothing today but a Myson trying to reach a weed.


Hope it makes you smile like it did me.