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Holiday Sales

5 Dec

This was a busy weekend.  Friday night I had a holiday stroll in State Center where I do the farmer’s market in the summer.  It was a good night for me.  Of course, I have a customer base built up, and they all come to stock up on soaps for the winter.

Market 0

Today was the Holiday Bazaar in Melbourne.  I have to say, I’ve yet to have a good sales day there.

Market 2

I’m pretty sure I won’t be going back to that one.  There was a big weekend sale in the county seat that I’d have done if I hadn’t already committed to the little one.  I guess I can try that one next year.

market 1

I’m dreaming about the day I can host my own holiday craft sale/bazaar.  With all the Christmas candles and soaps I have left, I hope I’ll still have some people want to come get some or order online.