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I Got Nothing

15 Dec

The days are short.  As soon as I get home, I change clothes and hurry out to feed the animals.  It’s still horribly muddy, which makes it harder.  Who’d have ever guessed I’d be wishing for cold weather!


Icy trees from a weather event earlier in the month.

Hopefully, we’ll dry up soon.  That will make things easier.  We are supposed to be quite chilly for a couple of days, and then return to warmer than usual temperatures.  This weather is just crazy.


Sparrow in the freezing rain from earlier in the month.

I’m also counting the days until the winter solstice (six if you’re counting with me).  I am really looking forward to the sun’s return to this hemisphere.  Come on light!

downy woodpecker_8402ew

Downy Woodpecker

In the meantime, you get some leftover pictures from earlier in the month.

Sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday.  I’m also sharing with Song-ography because I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.  Or at least not a muddy mucky Christmas.