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More Birds

24 May

I am really enjoying all of the wild birds this spring.  I have already overloaded you with bird pictures, but I just can’t stop taking more pictures.  So…


I need to wash my windows, but I couldn’t resist sharing him with his big maple seed.


lady blackbird

eastern meadowlark

Canada geese flying by

I can’t believe all the Baltimore orioles I’ve had.

The northern flicker landed in the tree right by me and then took off again.

There was a pair of Eastern kingbirds.

The red-bellied woodpecker was a long ways off, but I just love them.

I do love my domestic birds too.  Mr. Peacock is still dancing for everyone, and they still don’t appreciate him.

The girls are doing okay in the smaller greenhouse, but I really need to start getting their building cleaned out and the pen repaired.

brown leghorn

As much as she enjoys a clean bath, I don’t know why she keeps throwing all the junk in her pool.

I am ready to be done teaching for the summer.

Spring Walks

13 May

Even though it’s been really busy, I’m trying to make sure to take time to enjoy some walks in pasture.



red-winged blackbird

northern flicker

some kind of oriole nest

another sparrow

red-bellied woodpecker


I do love this time of year!

Some Random Notes

11 Mar

I think I mentioned that I seem to have a huge number of doves around here anymore.  Sometimes they are so loud it’s almost deafening.

Eurasian collared doves

Then there’s my favorite woody–the red-bellied.

I worry about the meadowlarks.  I hope they managed to make it through this winter to keep rebuilding after the devastating population losses from 2021.  I will be eagerly looking for them when I’m out in pasture before too long.

Aurora and Maybeline in pasture

I never did see 2TC come back into heat last week, so she’s just not going to get bred this year.  It has been the craziest year with heat cycles and not settling.


And the occasional oopie baby.

Cupid due next week; Tansy due in May

In the house, is it any wonder I always have water on my floors?  Tiger and Salem are both just crazy kittens yet.


They keep me on my toes!