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This and That Notes

28 Dec

I am hoping to actually get outside with the camera this afternoon, but today you just get some notes of goings on around here. I never get tired of seeing my dog and cats snuggling.

Sky and Tiger

I purposely left a blank shelf on the new plant stand–for both Sky and the cats.

Salem looking out the window.

Of course, before Salem decided to just use the open shelf, he had to dump my poor plant on the shelf right above the empty one.  I’m trying to stop that.

plastic in front of the poor damaged plant

Otherwise, I think the plants like the new stand.

My Christmas cactus is getting some blooms

The airplane plants are also flowering.

Herbie was a good kitty.  He managed to catch his first mouse in the house.

Herbie with his mouse

He was not about to take his paw off that thing because he had quite the audience just hoping to take it from him.  I am quite happy to say that the mouse did not survive.

Sky checking out Herbie and his mouse

My family was here for Christmas Eve, and my crazy ADHD dog was really good.  I am grateful that at 6-years-old, he’s finally growing up.  At one point, he was wearing a big fake snake on his back.  The next day, I found the snake in my lemon tree.  I have a crazy, fun family.

Salem and Bob had vet appointments yesterday.  Salem was just his routine shots.

I’m trying to figure out what is going on with Bob, so they did blood work. The results were not good–most likely he has some sort of blood/bone cancer.  So I will baby him and keep him grumpy as long as I can.

Bob napping in the dining room.

Finally, a couple of birds outside because the birds still make me smile.

There were two blue jays in the maple tree

A red-bellied woodpecker in the oak tree

They are one of my favorites

We are really starting to warm up.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my winterizing done before we turn cold again.  And, I want to actually take my camera out for some pictures!

Friday Photodump

4 Nov

With the nice weather last weekend, I really overdid it with the pictures (sorry). But it was so nice out walking last weekend!

My sweet Casey


still waiting for my corn to be harvested


Cutie in pasture

Maybeline and Odie


Benji and Chiffon sharing a pan of sweet feed

another of the red-bellied woodpecker

Maybelline might have a bit of something stuck in her teeth


the herd coming up from pasture

another sparrow








my barn (Victoria is in the big doorway


Hilda and Myson



Have a great weekend!

In the Pasture

1 Nov

We had really beautiful weather this weekend.  I took advantage of that do go spend some time in pasture and through my corn field.



red-bellied woodpecker

goats on the bottom

There’s no water in the ditch (Maisie and Venus)

eating in the rough (Reva, Athena and Sidney)


Tree swallow on the electric line–I don’t usually see them.

But there were three of them!


walking by the corn

corn–the ears are small this year

I saw a hawk!

taking off from the tree

the neighboring field getting combined

It really was beautiful!