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I’m Not a Hoarder

16 Apr

A hoarder is someone who refuses to get rid of stuff and just keeps filling their house up to overflowing.  I was worried about being a hoarder, but then I realized there’s a special name for what I love and collect so many of…


Yep.  And my stacks and stacks with just rows between the stacks on their shelves also has a special name…


That means I’m not a hoarder!

I am a bibliophile with my own library.

I feel much better now that I’ve figured that out.

But I’m out of shelves again…  And, when I was hauling the last of the books from my mom’s house, I brought Florence home too.  She was my grandmother’s dress form.


Now she’s my librarian!


A Winter Project

7 Feb

If you’ve been visiting here for a while, you might remember that I said I planned on turning my upstairs into a library since I moved my bedroom downstairs.  Shortly before Christmas, I told my dad that I needed some book shelves, and I sent him the picture below.

Now I’m frantically cleaning and moving some of the shelves that were already in the room because he’s making me shelves!  So far, I’ve gotten the children’s reading room mostly done (It’s a really small bedroom).  My dad also made the toy box in the image below.  He’s quite talented if I say so myself.

Since I had to buy a twin mattress when I was staying in the soap room, I decided it would be perfect as a day bed.

Snickers supervising

This corner bed was perfect! 

That only leaves the hall and two more rooms to finish.  Yikes.  It might be more than a winter project.  This is the kind of post you get when we’re so unearthly cold or freezing drizzle.  Hopefully, we’ll be back to farm posts and normal weather soon, especially since the days are getting longer.

If I Make it Through January

18 Jan

You know, I started the new year living in the soap room because my furnace broke down and I had CO in my cold house.

Bob Cat

We got through that, and everything’s good now.  We’re in the house and warm.

Sky and Bob


Four days after my furnace was fixed, my car was having some problems, and I took it to the shop.  The engine was diagnosed with “multiple issues.”  I now have a farm truck to try and help the car last longer.  I do really like the truck, and I’ve needed a farm truck for a while.  It was not the best timing though.  I’m not excited about learning to drive a truck in Iowa’s horrible winters, but sand in the back helps, and I am getting snow tires.

This past Monday (one week after the car break down), when I went to get water for the chickens, the hydrant didn’t work.  The well was frozen because my heater in the well house wasn’t working.

I put the heater I had gotten as a back-up in there, but it doesn’t work right either.  It won’t run or won’t shut off.  Well, I set it in the way it doesn’t turn off, so by the time I got home with a new heater the next afternoon, it was 90*F (32.2* C) in there.  My pipes were not frozen!

Now the new heater I got has a stupid safety feature that doesn’t like the rough floor in there.  I finally got it set to run, and it wouldn’t shut of either.  It was up to 110* F (43.3* C) the next morning.

I switched back to my original backup heater, and I think I have it now.  The temperature seems to be holding steady in there.  I swear, it should not be this difficult.  I am done with things breaking down.