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Going Into the Weekend

2 Sep

I am so glad this is a three-day weekend.  I need it.  I have a lot of that catching up to do again.

some of the canning I’ve done

I also wanted to mention that the reason Mr. Peacock is looking so bad is because he’s molting. I get so used to the rhythms of the farm that I forget to give explanations.

He’s lost almost all of his tail now, even the little ones since I took this picture.

The goose has also been doing her annual molt.

It’s just a lot harder to notice since she’s not losing a really long tail.

You don’t even notice her short wing feathers that she’s growing back in.

Just my dog.  I took this to share on FB for national dog day. Am I the only one who wonders when all these national days were created?


Salem and Herbie are having way too much fun together.  It reminds me very much of how much fun Tiger and Salem had not too long ago.

Salem and Herbie

I’m still having a hard time knitting with all the expert help.

Helper Herbie

And all the tomatoes too.  I just haven’t had time.  But I am currently working on a fringed scarf.  Then I’ll add a hat and mittens to match.

Because I keep gaining knitting stuff, I decided I needed a better way to store all my stuff, so I bought a little cabinet for it.  I just love the cabinet!

Finally, my house is really looking a lot smaller. All six of my boys were lounging in the house.  I really need to quit gaining cats.

Bob and Herbie; Rocky, Tiger and Sky; Salem in the back

Hope you have a great weekend.

A Busy Short Week

12 Sep

I swear this might have only been a four day week with the holiday, but it has been crazy busy.  It started with the roof of my house finally getting shingled this week.

Well, it’s in progress.

Wednesday, as soon as I got home from work, I scooped up Tiger and took him to the vet.  He was fixed the next morning, and my mom picked him up and brought him home Friday morning.  I don’t think it slowed him down at all.

Rocky appreciated a break from the kitten constantly bouncing on him.  Poor boy.


As always, I have also been out to pasture counting kids.

I’m still milking.   Onyx is still doing well with training, but she isn’t giving me much.  Most of my girls are starting to slow down their production. I’m down to three quarts a day from the five I had been getting.


I weaned Pretzel, but I’m not sure that made things easier because she still follows me and sucks on my fingers and clothes and things she should have a bottle.

Pretzel running to see if I have a bottle.

I also spent a stupid amount of time trying to figure out how I messed up the settings on my big girl camera because it wasn’t focusing properly.  Hours later, I finally came to the conclusion that it wasn’t me and the camera is in the process of dying. This poor baby has had a lot of hard use in rather dirty conditions. Sadly, I am not sure when I’ll be able to replace it because they don’t make the same camera anymore, and it’s hard to get electronics (at least the ones I’ve looked at) because of the pandemic.  Hopefully, my dear Nikon can hang in there for a while yet.

It’s been an exhausting week, and the weekend has been even more busy.  It might take me all of next week’s posts just to get through the weekend activities.

Fall Leaves

7 Sep

Fall. It’s that time of year when the kitten likes to play in the plant and cover my floor with bits of dead leaves (yes, I know the plant needs some serious care).


He even wore himself out playing so hard.

He just loves playing in the plant.  I finally decided to try and clean it up, so I made a big pile of leaves to pick up.  Tiger kind of looked like he couldn’t believe I put them all in a pile for him to play in.

I swear, between the kitten’s leaves and all the dog hair, my vacuum protested by overheating and demanding a rest.

Sky lounging by the last place I had to do when the vacuum overheated.

I think I need an industrial vacuum with these two.