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More Birds!

25 May

I really am going to enjoy walking in the pasture with my camera and photographing birds as much as I can before they disappear behind leaves.

blue jay

I know it’s just a sparrow, but they pose so nicely!


Mrs. Cardinal was on my deck

Hairy Woodpecker


Palm Warblers

Baltimore oriole


Palm Warbler

red-headed woodpecker


Baltimore Oriole

Palm warbler

red-headed woodpecker



Hope you aren’t getting tired of all my bird posts.

Friday Means a Photo Dump

19 May

There’s a lot of birds and goats and house animals.  And I can’t forget Bun Bun.


red headed woodpecker


Bun Bun was out browsing with the bucks

I love my lilacs!

a very damp Perdita

Baltimore Oriole


Good girl Diane and naughty Wilson

He snuck under the fence where a coyote has made a dip

Sky under the deck

female oriole

a swallowtail butterfly


Everyone should have somebody who looks at them the way Tiger looks at Sky

Birding Season

17 May

Birding season is in full force here on the farm.  I plan to overload my posting with bird pictures while it lasts. Soon the trees will be fully leafed out making it harder to see them.

by a nest in the barn

lady oriole on the fence

She moved to the tree

a hawk in the tree

Mr. Baltimore Oriole

I know the squirrel is not a bird, but it was perched in the tree.

red-headed woodpecker

blue jay

barn swallow

sparrow by its nest in the maple tree

eastern kingbird

Hawk flying in front of the clouds that were moving in

I still haven’t seen my bobolinks.  I heard one when I was walking to cut asparagus, but I haven’t seen any yet.  I also saw a pair of thrashers when I was going to cut asparagus, but I didn’t have my camera.  That might have to be a new requirement when cutting asparagus.