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Gone Again

8 May

Rocky is gone again.

I’ve spent the last four-and-a half months being grateful that I got him back, having him on the pillow next to me every night.

The last couple of weeks he’s been prowling. I knew he was trying to sneak out again, but I have been so careful with doors.

The hardest to catch and bring out was the most chill out there

Sometime on Friday, he managed to get out through the old coal chute.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix it because it’s been an issue since the phone company replaced the wire going through there.  I just haven’t been able to figure out how to take care of it.

Now Rocky’s gone again.

At least the weather is warm.  At least I know he’ll come home if he needs help.

Rocky might have been watching a spider walk across the floor.

I’m still heartbroken with him leaving, and several hours after I prepared this post on Saturday, I heard a meow when I was in the barn.  After about fifteen minutes of coaxing and talking, I finally caught him.

Right after he came back in.

He’s back in the house, and I’ve staked the coal chute shut.  I swear this cat is going to be the death of me.

Kiss-Me Coral

5 May

I shared that Coral has not been eating.  We said good-bye to her last night.

I will miss my sweet girl.


30 Apr

I came home on Thursday and noticed Antigone and her little girl snuggling together.  I asked her where Spuds was, but wasn’t too worried. He’s often off with other goats.

Antigone and Spunky

But when the herd was heading back out to pasture and I saw Spunky nursing without her brother, I worried.


Actually, I didn’t worry.  I already knew.  But I went everywhere and searched every nook and cranny where he might have gotten stuck, but he was just gone. Coyotes.

This is a direct result of the neighbors tilling and planting corn-on-corn and tearing out waterways allowing all that debris to wash out my fence preventing me from keeping my goats off the back part of the pasture where coyotes can lurk in the woods and just grab a kid.


I now have everyone on the front pasture.

The four boys are in the small pen off the buck room.

Benji, Frodo, Freddie, and Xerxes

My hope is to spend Sunday getting the fence fixed so they can go back out on the front half of pasture.