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Some Updates

12 Apr

I haven’t said much about my water situation–the hydrant not working and not getting replaced before the ground froze.  Well, I am grateful for my cattle tank.  It’s done its job all winter.

Antigone getting a drink from the cattle tank.

I can’t believe how long Anita’s eye clip stayed on.  I finally took it off  because I didn’t want it to start irritating because it was in there for so long.  Her eye still looks good.

Anita just before her eye clip came off.

I still can’t get Hilda’s boys to take a good bottle.  I still keep trying and squeezing it in their mouths until they just let it drool out.

Jasper by big sister, Purl

It does make me happy to say I’ve seen Horace and Jasper out nibbling new green grass with their mom.  I hope they can keep going until their rumens start functioning and they can get what they need from food other than milk. I think Hilda even looks a little better.

Horace nibbling grass with maa, Hilda

Moxie is doing well.  Her mom is feeding her, but she will still take an occasional bottle when I’m trying to feed the boys.  I am all good with that because it keeps her sweet.


Things are mostly calm with the two bucks.  I’ve only seen Xerxes try to kill Frodo once.


Frodo was foolish enough to be fighting back.  I suggested he just run because he’s faster than Xerxes.  That could be his super power.  Unfortunately, he’s been a little pushy with me.  I keep warning him he better be nice like his grandpa Fionn and not mean like his dad because I won’t keep someone who tries to kill me.


Chiffon’s second baby was pretty small and weak when he was born.  They were five days early.  When I went out for a middle of the night check that night, he was horribly rattly in his breathing.  So at 3:30 am I started him on meds to try and help clear his lungs.  He got really bad, but he is doing better now.


Her other boy has been bouncy from the start.  You’d never know he was early.


It’s time for copper again–I see the same streak of hair loss on Athena that her mom used to get.


It’s never ending chores on the farm.

But now, I have new spring muck boots.  Yes, I know that shouldn’t be a big deal, but look–they are clean. They’ll never, ever be clean again.

And I wish all of my updates could be happy, but we lost one of Ava’s triplets.  Her boy that looked like Benji got hurt and couldn’t be saved.

I Just Can’t

30 Mar

I’ve had so many good-byes lately, and I dread the couple that I know will still be coming this year.

Victoria is old and struggling

But even more than losing my old goats, I have a fear for Tux.


I can’t get him to get along with my dog.  And it would break my heart if I came home to find that Sky had killed him.

Sky in attack mode–looking at kids.  He has to learn the little ones are not short-tailed, funny-colored squirrels.

I thought about trying to bring him in the house where it would be easier (more frequent) to get them together.

But I have a tentative truce in the house with four cats.  That’s huge and I am afraid what Rocky would do if I brought an adult cat into the house.


I’m afraid I’m going to have to find something else for Tux.  I just can’t keep him shut in the soap room or garage forever.  He deserves so much better.

Sweet Caroline

17 Mar

Caroline was the first baby from my Polka Sallie Annie.  And she was mine more than Annie’s.  Seriously, it was like this girl was coming home to Eden Hills when she was born.

Caroline with Annie

She owned the farm and went to pasture from the time she was way too young.

Caroline and me

She was a wild woman from the start, and when she pulled a stifle muscle it about killed her to have to stay up in the barnyard until she healed.

Sweet Caroline

She grew into a beautiful, sweet doe who became one of my milking girls.  Granted, she was a horrible milker because of the high percentage of Boer in her, but she was always ready to be milked.


She struggled with kids though.  The copper always seemed to be an issue with her.  She was struggling with the copper, but her eyes were getting more color, and that seemed to be improving.

Chunky and Caroline

I tried to retire her young, but she busted in with the buck and had a baby last year.

Caroline and Ducky

That was really hard on her, and she’s never regained her weight and health.  I just couldn’t support her anymore, and she has consistently declined in health for the last month.  She has been grinding her teeth (a sign of pain), and her rumen had shut down.  I couldn’t get it going no matter how many probiotics I gave her.

Sweet Caroline Goodberry (30 May 2017 – 16 Mar 2023)

It was all just too much. It was time to say good-bye to my Sweet Caroline Goodberry.