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It’s Friday Again!

26 May

This is my last weekend before the start of summer break.  I am more than ready.



My beans got planted through the rye last Thursday (the 18th), but it’s been too busy to get it on the blog.



Estella’s got lift!

Lizzie is still a wild thing.

Mr. Peacock and Ms. Goose

My sweet Moxie


Ostara looks really good.


Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday Means a Photo Dump

19 May

There’s a lot of birds and goats and house animals.  And I can’t forget Bun Bun.


red headed woodpecker


Bun Bun was out browsing with the bucks

I love my lilacs!

a very damp Perdita

Baltimore Oriole


Good girl Diane and naughty Wilson

He snuck under the fence where a coyote has made a dip

Sky under the deck

female oriole

a swallowtail butterfly


Everyone should have somebody who looks at them the way Tiger looks at Sky

Left Overs for Friday

12 May

Bubbles looks good. It’s good that she is taking the year off.

Ms. Goose enjoys her pool

Flora enjoying pasture

Mr. Peacock dances. His foot is better some days; some days it’s not.

Hilda is improving

Maybeline in the shade of the barn. They need sheared.

Frodo scared me laying like that; then he just yelled at me. He is the loudest goat I’ve ever met.



Herbie turned 1 year old this week!

Happy weekend!