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More Birds

11 May

Some of these are from Saturday afternoon, and then I went out Sunday morning.


more of the palm warbler


Ms. Goose (hey, she’s a bird)

palm warbler

Mr. Peacock

I don’t know what kind it is, but I kinda like the picture

I really do enjoy this time of year with all the birds visible in the trees.


blue jay






eastern meadowlark

And the red-headed woodpeckers are everywhere!

Good thing I like woodpeckers.

Nature Walk

7 May

My walk around pasture to check the fence really turned into quite the nature walk. It started with the usual birds.

red-winged blackbird

Mrs. red-winged blackbird


Then it got a bit more interesting.   I did not mean to scare the turkey.

wild turkey

I don’t know why the raccoon was going into the tile.  But whatever.


It’s only my second ever shed antler!

Then there were more birds.

Eastern kingbird

Savannah sparrow

red-bellied woodpecker

palm warbler

I love this bright yellow.

red-headed woodpecker

I’m going to have to try this again and see what other wild things I can find.

Bluebirds and Butterflies

28 Sep

There are lots of bluebirds in pasture right now.

two of them in this picture (flying and on top)

They are not a brilliant blue, so I’m guessing they are juveniles.

Pretty soon, they will start their migration to warmer climates for the winter.

I’m going to enjoy seeing them out in pasture as long as I can before they head south.  And there are a lot of wild asters in the ditch right now.  I hadn’t seen this many butterflies in one place since we went into the butterfly room at the Long Island Aquarium. They are perfect for these late summer butterflies. Painted Lady

Yellow Sulfur

I finally figured out the difference between the viceroy and the monarch butterflies because they were both right there on the same plant.

Monarch (larger and not black line on the bottom wing)

Viceroy (smaller and the black line on the bottom wing)

There is also a little bit of fresh clover after our recent rains.

Painted Lady


Hopefully, they last for a while longer.