Deer(e) Scavenger Hunt

This week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday items are:  down the street, beneath my feet, faceless, blurry, and red, white and blue.

As I said last night, I’ve been very busy getting ready for the garage to be torn down and leaving for Iowa City.  Part of what had me busy was seeing this come down the street.  It’s what they are going to use to tear the garage down.  Inspector Bob gives it his approval.  Can you even see him sitting on that thing? You can click the image to enlarge it..

Track hoe_3229w

I also started tearing out the fence in front of the Love Shack.  It’s a lame red, white and blue shot: red of the rusty posts, white of the paint and blue tarp.  They’ll use those panels to build the temporary fence around where the garage is. Otherwise, everyone would be able to just walk off the farm; although, they’d be back at feeding time.


While I was finishing removing the fence today, I heard a noise in the Love Shack.  When I investigated, I saw the faceless side of the goose.


I also saw an adorable face.  I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t kick her out and throw the eggs like I had planned.  She’s only been sitting for about 80 days to hatch eggs that take 28 days to incubate.  That’s why I hate throwing them, though, because the others come in and lay in their nests.  I never know how long an egg has actually been in the nest.


I’m also hauling grain for people to do chores for me.  I swear, whenever I do chores, I have a chicken beneath my feet.  Poor girls get stepped on when I’m not careful.


Finally, I think a deer had a close call with a car when it jumped the fence into my yard.  I thought I might catch a shot of her in the bean field, but I was surprised to see her still in my yard.



I hadn’t even changed the setting on my camera yet, so they are blurry.

I’m also sharing with Bird d’Pot and Saturday’s Critters.

Who’s There?

You never know who might pop up when you’re walking through the pasture.


fawn collage

We’ve startled young deer a couple of times this summer.  The last one was so little yet that it didn’t really know how to run away from us.  I didn’t have my camera though because I was playing hide-n-goat-seek.

An All Over the Farm Scavenger Hunt

It’s time for Scavenger Hunt Sunday again, and there’s no theme this week.  The topics are:  Make mine a ___, Quirky, Morning Ritual, What Were They Thinking?, and What’s in your ___.

What’s in Your Cornfield?  I had a deer in mine last night.  I’d bet she was scoping out which rows she’s going to claim as her own.


What Were They Thinking?  I just put clean water in that pool, and now it’s all dirty again!

Goose Pool 54ew

Make Mine a Mystic Jules.  That’s what I’ve named the kitten we found in pasture.  Nobody has claimed her, so she’s getting fixed this week, and she’s here permanently.



Morning Ritual:  My morning ritual is to go out each morning (and evening) and holler for Haley.  She comes on the run.



Her morning ritual is to see how much grain she can eat in the short time we’re in the chicken coop.

doe goat eating

Quirky:  I suppose some would think it quirky that I milk my goats and enjoy their milk in my coffee and on my cereal and pretty much any way.

milking collage

It’s good stuff though.

Sharing at Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

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