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More From the Storm

20 Jan

My dog was not happy that I did not start with scooping snow in the yard.


But, honestly, he spent a lot of the time (and I had a three-day weekend) lounging in the house.

Sky–wet from being out in the snow

Salem, Tiger, and Sky sharing the water bucket

And I did get it scooped Sunday morning because I wanted to make sure it would melt the last of the snow/ice I couldn’t get when we were back in the upper 30s on Tuesday.

The cats were all snuggled in too.

Tiger and Salem

My driveway was really drifted too.

Luckily my nephew came with the backhoe and cleared it out.

I am so grateful that he comes to do my driveway.

Finally, I’ve started seeing some of the girls with Xerxes coming into heat.


Xerxes with LilyAnn and Daisy. I think they’ve both come into heat.

But I seriously hope I’ve missed a bunch of them coming into heat because of the weather.

I already moved Astra over so she could be back with Perdita

I’m getting ready to separate them because I don’t want to have kids all summer with the planned genealogy trip.

A Big Snow

15 Jan

Friday morning when I went out to milk, we had the first flakes of snow falling.  Luckily, it was a work from home PD day.

By the time it was light enough to take a picture out the front door.

It was the kind of day you just want to experience by looking out the window.


Because it kept snowing.

And snowing.

And snowing.

Astra and Perdita were two of the few brave ones to eat outside.

By the time it was done well into the overnight, we had about 8 inches of snow, and the winds picked up to make drifts also.  And we’re frigid cold now.

a 3+ foot drift by the fence

a 2+ foot drift at the deck steps (and I love the little design)

Luckily, I should be able to get the gate open (I hope).

Let the scooping begin.  Thankfully, I have the whole weekend to get cleaned out. And I warn you that pretty much every post this week will be about the snow.  Because that’s going to be my whole weekend.

Some Friday Notes

14 Jan

My nephew brought the goats his Christmas tree last weekend. By the time I got home, they had stripped it clean.


By the next day, they had a good start on the bark.


My peacock is working hard on getting his tail grown out.  He’ll look handsome for those hens who really don’t care.

The goose appreciates the fresh corn stalk bedding.  It’s nice to snuggle down in when it’s cold outside.

With all the breeding talk, my wethers were feeling left out, so here they are from oldest to youngest.






Salem seems to be accepting Sky finally.

Sky and Salem

These two llamas are just crazy.  Actually, I think there is some weird hormonal thing going on.

Odie and Maybeline

Which explains why we’ve never had a cria.

And I just have to share Tiger again.


Oh, that tail!