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Go Away Drought

3 Jun

Well, after no rain since my beans were planted, I was guessing that we probably slipped back into “abnormally dry” on this week’s drought monitor, and I was correct.

Tuesday saw spotty heavy rains around the state.  But as they moved towards me, the fizzled out.  I could smell the rain and see lightning it was so close, but not a drop.  The next afternoon, was shaping up the same.  But then I saw a rainbow when I was walking back from pasture.

Not a drop of rain, but there was a rainbow.  It wasn’t a huge one, but it lasted for a crazy long time.

Yes, Pretzel, you are my pot of gold.

You know because of all the rain just to the east of us.

The goats were busy eating and playing and didn’t even notice it.

Eventually, just about dark, one of those pop-up cells clipped me, and I got a decent little shower.

Sky had to go check it out.

a wet deck!

There must have been more overnight because the deck was wet again in the morning.  And as I was leaving for my last day of work for the school year, it rained.

And it rained most of the day. We ended up with around an inch of rain.  The plans in my garden looks so much better, and I’m hoping this will make the seeds pop through (nothing has sprouted).  Hopefully, it will make the rest of the soybeans come up too.  I was getting a bit worried.

Garden Season

29 May

Garden season is here! I’ve already been cutting asparagus for a while.  It was slow to start but it really took off when we were getting regular rain.


I am also once again trying to start a new plum tree.  It is really sending up new little shoots right now.  I have a couple I’m going to let grow and one might be good enough to just replace the parent tree.

new little plum trees

I dug three of them.  One was without very much root, but I dipped it in rooting compound and stuck it in a little pot.  So far, it’s hanging in there.

I also put two of them with a bit more root in bigger pots.  Later that day, Salem ate one of them.  Have I ever mentioned how naughty that cat is?  Anyhow, I put the other big pot outside, and it’s okay.  I will try to find another one to replace the one Salem ate.

This one is the survivor.

My dad tilled the garden for me.  This year, he went back to the full garden instead of half the space, which is what I had last year since we were going on vacation.

freshly tilled with the Ranger for size comparison

I got it planted last weekend.  I got it all planted, which was quite the feat.

By the middle of last week either deer or rabbits had eaten all of my bell peppers and most of my basil.

Bun Bun (was not up eating my garden)

As an aside, I figured out why Bun Bun did not run from me.  It all has to do with the cottontail I found in my barn–just the tail.  Yeah, he broke his tail and it fell off.  I’m guessing he was just in massive pain because now he runs from me.  I will miss Bun Bun, but I will recognize the tailless bunny.  And I’m glad he felt safe to hang around and heal with us.

Look ma. No tail!

Dang critters.  Anyhow, the rabbits and deer up north are probably still less damaging than Sky.  We’ll see if I continue believing that.


I stopped and picked up more pepper plants on my way home from work this Friday, and decided to get some plants for my herb garden.  I might be a little excited about the herb garden.

I’m guessing that by the time the Morton building is done and I can start planting the herb garden, the greenhouses will all be done selling those things, so I am potting them and hope to replant in about a month.


I’m afraid the garden season is looking rather questionable right now.  We are looking at a long dry stretch with high temperatures.  I’m afraid that is going to push us right back into the abnormally dry conditions.

Basking Weather

28 May

This weekend is perfect basking weather!

Astra–she looks so good; glad she has this year off



Chuck and Lizzie

Purl and Bella

2TC with Nonnie

And I still can’t get used to that big open space there.

a whole bunch of basking goats

Antigone with Q-Tip and Ivory; Sky in the back

And about the time I do get used to it, they’ll put the new building up.