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Updates and Preparing to Leave

29 Jun

With mixing the herd together again, that means Moose is back on the side of the barnyard where the chicken pen is.


And he immediately decided to see if he could get in there.  He is such a brat.

Is it me, or is Odie using Ostara as a scratching post?  Never seen her do that to a goat before.

Ostara and Odie (Cinnamon in front)

Speaking of Ostara, she’s actually been letting me pet her again.  Most of the time.

I had to adjust my rhubarb’s cages.  My dog was peeing on it.

Hopefully the bigger space will help protect it from Sky.

Oh, I’ve also made progress on getting the deck sealed.

I still need to do another coat on the flat boards and I haven’t done the vertical ones yet, but the weather and everything else has made it difficult. By “everything else” I do mean goats.

While I’ve been working on the deck and front yard, I did some weed removal and created a rock garden.  It’s not done, but it should hold the weeds back while I’m gone.

I have the cattle tank up and running to try and make chores easier while I’m gone.

I’ve been working to get the garden in shape as well.  I even have someone kind enough to check it for me while I’m away.

Garden (in the process of finding everything)

I got the buck room scooped out.

It’s a good thing I finished because there isn’t really more room on the manure spreader.

I had to take frequent breaks because a pair of barn swallows had just hatched babies and they really needed me to not be in there so they could take care of the little ones.

At my age, I was more than happy to take long, frequent breaks.  For the babies, of course.

Xerxes seems to be a bit confused as to what happened to all that soft bedding (manure and hay) that he got to sleep on.


I even spent an evening testing out the tent and air mattress.

I am really getting excited for this trip!

Surviving the Heat

21 Jun

Well today was the worst for the heat.  Hopefully, it doesn’t get this bad again this summer.  But we are surviving.


The llamas are very happy they got rid of their fleece.


I do have one little guy who is struggling with the heat. Joy’s boy just had respiratory infection from his long birth, and his little lungs can’t take the heat. When they pant, it’s not good.

Champ (with one of LilyAnn’s girls behind him)

He went into the milk room for a long cooling period.

Dolly got to come in and eat sweet feed keep him company.

Then I finally just put him and his mom in the garage.  It’s still hot in there, but the humidity is not near as bad.

Joy and Champ

I am giving the chickens frozen treats of last year’s tomatoes and zucchinis.

The goose spends most of her day in the pool, and I swear I really do get clean water for her every afternoon.

Miss Goose

My dog has decided the best way to beat the heat is to stay inside in the air conditioning.


Another thing I did to help the goats survive the heat is kicking everyone out of the greenhouse.  It is just oppressive in there.

Zora looking at the panel blocking her entrance.

I added a tarp back to the pen and plunked all the babies out there.  They decided it was pretty awesome.

The moms enjoy it too.

Cutie was the first to try it out.

Hopefully, today is the last of the horrible, horrible heat.  But here’s a bonus video of the kids enjoying the shade.

The Vet Visit

6 Jun

Occasionally, I have to have the vet come out and trim the dog’s toenails.  Because he’s crazy and would wreak havoc if I tried taking him to the vet to have it done.

Sky (with Flower behind)

Anyhow, when he’s here, I often bombard him with other questions.  This time was no different.  I had to ask him about Antigone’s front feet.  They had this weird thing going on where it looked like someone had sliced a line along the hoof wall, and it was not attached to the rest of her hoof.


When I went to go shut her in the Love Shack so it was easier to catch her, she was in pasture.  I waited, and the rest of the herd came up, but no Antigone.  I went down in pasture and discovered she was being a good mom and staying with Spunky who had put her little head though a tiny spot in the fence.  I got her unstuck and then carried her all the way to the Love Shack because her mom followed us and I didn’t have to catch her.

Antigone and Spunky

Anyhow, the vet said that she had stress fractures in her foot, but it is healing, so I’ll just keep her on the pain meds a little bit longer and she should be fine.

She is more comfortable walking now.

Then I asked about Flora–the brat who won’t leave her horn apparatus on.  Basically, at this point it’s switching from duct tape to gorilla glue (not serious on that) when we go on vacation.  I do think I’ll try to find a stronger tape.

Flora just knocked them off again. Brat.  She is using her ear as a fly swatter.

Then there was Flower.   I was up north checking Ducky and Alice (when they were still up there) and turned and saw…

Flower should never have an udder. She’s a freemartin (can’t get bred).  In twelve years, she’s never been bred, but she had a little udder. I had him check her out, and the official word is that she has just some weird hormonal thing going on, but she is not bred.

The vet noticed she has a lot more hair this time.

And it’s already smaller.  So I have no idea what was going on, but she should not panic me like that.