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Another Rainy Weekend

3 Nov

The rain started about nine in the morning today.  I’m glad I started my Mozzarella as early as I did because it was just starting when I went back to the house.  Let’s face it, you can never have too much Mozzarella in the freezer.

It was mostly drizzle for a while.

The goats stayed on the hill as long as they could,

but it wasn’t long before they gave up and came back to the barnyard.


The dog was lazy in the house.


So was Snickers.


The rain is supposed to continue until tomorrow afternoon.  It really makes it hard to get much done when it rains the entire weekend, and I have so much to do.


Some Random Animals

26 Sep


Bob Cat enjoying Sky’s bed



African goose and Embden gander

Aphrodite and her maa, Cutie

The Finished Fence

24 Sep

I am so thrilled with how the new yard fence looks.  Sky is amazed that there’s a whole world outside of his yard.

It’s amazing how open it is now.

The goats have helped with some of the cleanup.

Dolly (back), Stormy, Caroline, and Penny

Front:  Ava, Wanda, Aphrodite, Cutie, Middle:  Reva, Bambi, Back:  Zinnia, Moose, In the buck pen:  Zeus, and Xerxes

I still have a bunch of brush to get rid of, but I will keep working on it slowly.