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Odds and Ends and Goats

6 Nov

I have some goat pictures from the weekend that I thought I’d share.

Chiffon and Marge


Athena and Cinnamon






I also was going to share that Sky is crazy jealous of Mama Phoenix.  Seriously. But he does pretty good about not bothering her.

Sky and Mama Phoenix

I am happy to report that the mouse that was caught between a Rocky and a Sky did not survive.  Sky finally reached it and took it outside!

Rocky, mouse and Sky

That’s better than the last time Rocky caught a mouse that Sky stole.  That time, he just took it to my living room and let it loose.

Vinnie’s twins are doing well.  Venus is enjoying going out to pasture.  She is still friendly with Chiffon after they were penned together for a week or so.

Litha, Vulcan and Venus (Chiffon behind), Cookie; Blaze and Penny behind

I’m also happy to say that Penny Lou is kind of looking after all the kids who were up north with her.

Penny with Venus, Vulcan, Angela, and Moira (Annie behind)

Astra is ignoring her girls, so they hang with Penny too.

Cat and Mouse Games

12 Jan

I live in an old farmhouse, so it’s not surprising that I will occasionally get a mouse in the house.  I caught one on Christmas day, and I’ve not seen or heard a sign of one since.  Until last night…  This morning, I found more conclusive evidence of an intruder.


mouse on cupboard

Just where does he think he’s going?

mouse in dishes

The impudent little beast seemed to think this was a great photo shoot.  Get your little mousy butt off my corkscrew!

mouse on cork

The canned dog food was delicious as well.  That’s really what he was after, the dog food from where I fed Stella this morning.

mouse collage mouse collage

Really, this is not acceptable.  Where’s the cat?



I can’t believe this!  Now we’re playing peek-a-boo!

peek-a-boo mouse

Seriously, I think I might have better luck taming this one down and then “freeing” him.

mouse in dog bowl

I washed the dishes, and that little rodent was still coming out.  I swear I heard a squeeking noise that sounded like some little mouse laughing his whiskers off!

I might have to take things into my own hands here.  We’ll see who gets the last laugh.  As of post time, no mouse was injured in the creation of this post.
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