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Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse

17 May

I took a picture of the full moon when it first came up Sunday evening.

full moon on May 15th

Then I forgot about the eclipse.

When I went to let the dog out before bed, I noticed it was already getting well under way.

I really need to take the time to learn the settings on this camera.

I had to photograph it, but I didn’t have time to dig the tripod out, and I’ve been too busy to research settings for such a shoot.   That means I just shot.

Here’s what my cell phone did.

This is really what it looked like when I was standing on the deck and it was fully eclipsed.

The camera did an amazing job! It really made the red color of the blood moon stand out.

I am absolutely in love with the new camera. And it was amazing to watch the eclipse.

Just Some More

19 Mar

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of the week.  It goes so fast when I’m home kidding.

The sunset is moving back north.

Antigone feeding her babies, Spunky and Spuds


The moon rising with a sparrow in the tree at the first of the week.

Bob Cat is loving the warmer weather.

Hilda washing Shellie

Bambi has started getting meloxicam for her old bones.

I saw a bluebird in pasture (no meadowlarks yet).

Daisy in pasture

Cutie in pasture

Haley-staying out of the mud or waiting to sneak in???

It will be weird going to work after a two weeks. I’ll wish I were still home.  Just saying.

Already Saturday Again

26 Feb

Well this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but I actually had time to do my weather update post for yesterday, so it’s a Saturday photo dump.

Another of the snow

Time for another photo dump because we’re still not doing anything too exciting.  Once the time changes, I’ll be able to do more timely posts and not have to schedule the whole week on the weekend.  That means you’ll probably get more up-to-the-minute weather posts.

Casey enjoying the sunshine out of the wind

Cupid Flora and Athena coming up the hill

Getting ready to tuck her head under her wing out of the wind.

Flora again

My beautiful Haley

Last weekend I got my first white egg of the season–one of the brown leghorns. Not bad for being almost four years old.


Maybeline with the moon setting over her



Rocky might have been watching a spider walk across the floor.

Most of these pictures were from before the snow last weekend, but we’re warm and melting again today. Happy Weekend!