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A Better Day

20 Dec

Well, after Sunday’s stress, today has been better.  The electrician came this morning and “put a band-aid” on the issue.  I have to call them back in the spring to do more work so that there isn’t some “catastrophic” failure.  I have a new washing machine coming to be delivered on Monday, so I have to do way more cleaning than I care to admit before then.


My nephew came and capped off the pipe that froze and broke.  That’s good.  It’s not one that I use often, but it has always had a habit of freezing up because it’s on the east side of the well house.


The chicken I took to the milk room to try to warm up and revive is lively and I took her back to the chicken coop today.  When I checked her tonight, she was roosting up with everyone else.



Our temperatures are back to being pretty nice.  In fact, we’ve gone completely past normal to above average.  I do wish we would not have the wild swinging temperatures.  That’s what makes birds and goats sick.  By the way, my pictures don’t match because I have no time to take pictures when the days are this short.

I do hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items at the top of my side bar.

Not Liking Today

18 Dec

My morning started with a very cold temperature outside. (-27.7*C)


But we’re troopers in Iowa, so I just started my day.  Of course, the motor on the washing machine burnt up, and I’m having crazy fluctuating power surges and drops.  I have called the power company, and I hope that they can fix it before I lose more major appliance.

When I went out to check my goats in the green house, I noticed that I also had a water pipe break.  It’s a lovely little ice sculpture.  My nephew is going to take care of that tomorrow.


Goats are horribly helpful.  When I was trying to fill their water tub, I ended up dumping water on Ava’s head, so I rushed her to the milk room to dry her off before I froze her ears.  She is luckily doing fine now.



I also noticed I have ice starting to form on my big fifty-gallon water tub.  It seems the heater has quit working. Luckily, I have another that I can use.

Then I had a hen just sitting outside.  I took her to the milk room where it’s warm, and I hope she can recover.


I really am ready for today to be done.

Clean Water

13 Jun

We’re still horribly hot.  It’s also quite humid.  This weather is hard on the animals, so I make sure they have clean water.

Goose pool_8880ews

Even though it’s a small pool the big geese like it.  Someday, the goslings will get big enough that I won’t worry about them drowning if they get in.  For now, everyone is stuck with a small pool.  They also have buckets and a short waterer that the babies can drink from.

Goose pool_8882ews

I also make sure the llama and goats have clean water.  I even emptied and scrubbed the 50 gallon tub for them.  Do we see anything wrong with this picture?


This is still the only goose I’ve ever seen get in the tub.  Stinker.

Goose pool_8890ews

I guess I can’t blame him when I don’t have a big pool out and the swimming holes in pasture are drying up.

Goose pool_8888ews

Still, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to drink his used bath water.

I do hope you’ll come back and join me for Friday’s Hunt this week.  The items are at the top of my side bar.