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Around the Farm

24 Jul

I think I’ve decided that the three goslings who hatched this spring are two girls and a gander.

Just some more of the goats.

The goats in pasture

Aladdin and Jasmine

Sidney feeding Thunder (and Lightning in back)

Coral eating those horrible thorny plants

The bucks seem to be starting to come into rut.  Oh lovely smells.



We have had some beautiful sunsets recently.  This is partly due to the smoke in the air with the wildfires out west.

sunset over the beans

Another sunset in pasture

I’m going to try to improve on this windmill picture.

It’s been a while since I did much wandering around the farm just to take some pretty pictures.  The deer has made that pretty easy though.

It really doesn’t have any fear of me.  It’s heard me and smelled me since it was born.

I try to stay a respectful distance, and it doesn’t seem to care.

I do think it’s found the bucket of water I put out there.  That’s a good thing since we’re still hot and dry.

More Leftovers

22 Jan

I have to confess, I’m finally posting the last of the hoarfrost pictures and other leftovers.  At least there’s lots of cute goats in this batch.

Aphrodite, Myson, and Joani

Freddie and Tiger

Dolly having leftover hay for breakfast

Edith and Kate


Margarita and Butterscotch


Reva enjoying the sun




ISU cows behind Tiger, 2TC, and Trace in the Love Shack

Bob and Sky on my deck that gets replaced next spring

Another Hoarfrost Dump

11 Jan

I promise this is the last big post of just hoarfrost pictures.

Caroline and Flora

Aphrodite, Flower Joani, Myson

Marin, Penelope

Odie, Aurora, Maybeline

Odie, Aurora, Maybeline

Aurora and Maybeline


But there might still be a few more that get snuck in here or there.